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Posted by KristofferR | Dec 30, 2015 @ 03:41 PM | 8,319 Views
Todays work in the hobby roo.... ehrm kitchen table.

The Alula got an FRsky X4R RX. Previously it had a Lemon RX 6ch. When they release a decent DSM2/DSMX module I want it but until then my Lemons are in a box.

I cut some foam, routed the antenna cables out with the servo wires and taped them to the fuse.

Maybe the ultimate ~1600m (1 mile) range is compromised a bit but on the other hand, the model is basically out of sight at 200m anyway and the RSSI warning will let me know if this was a mistake.

Having telemetry and RX-battery voltage displayed on the TX is great. No more guessing.

Another nice touch is to have the Alula pic on the TX screen.
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 20, 2015 @ 11:27 AM | 3,308 Views
The credit goes to UPJ at - headline and content:

I sometimes struggle with my M6 connectors. In particular when it's cold, damp and winter it's hard to pull them apart.

Solution: Get self-vulcanizing tape (possibly called rescue tape) and wrap the connector.
End result is a nice grippy surface. I used about 7-8cm (3in) and stretched it out a lot to make it sit snugly.

The XT60 got the treatment too.

Posted by KristofferR | Dec 18, 2015 @ 07:36 PM | 4,146 Views
The Astro Viking rebirth story is here:

I decided to use my parents dinner table as a temporary jig to correct the washout of the wing. One wing half was twisted the wrong way. A couple of weeks before it's maiden flight I stretched the covering, straightening out the fuse a bit and the wings. Seems the wood won the first round. I'll give it a week under pressure and see if it gets permanent.

My dad also has a Guillows PBY Catalina and a similar sized Klemm 35 and asked if they could be RC-converted. The Catalina looks like it could be a handful but the Klemm might fly well and I can't stop thinking about it.
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 17, 2015 @ 02:33 PM | 3,275 Views
I mentioned previously that my Nano Floh was given a 3-servo setup instead of 2-servos.

Today I told my wife I'd just do a few trimming throws before sunset. The usual "just another throw" situation happened and after a great many throws I was rewarded with a crack in the fuse and a broken wing bolt mount.

I was also rewarded with a flying experience of course, and some "feedback" to myself. I've been reading a lot in the Hand Launch and Thermal subforums to get knowledge.

A small plane like this (80cm span) typically never comes with flaps or other fanciness so my expectations were low. The camber/reflex tolerance was also low, but about 1mm of camber made a noticeable difference in float. I actually managed two complete 360 circles with a javelin throw. I estimate my launch height to perhaps 8-10m (25-30 ft) at best. I was never a good javelin thrower!

Reflex just made it drop and more camber made it stop, then drop.

The snapflap I'm not sure about. I did not notice much difference. I'll probably need a slope to try that.

Now I have glued it back together and looking forward to the next slope session. I will still use the throttle stick but also a 3-pos-switch for 1mm reflex, normal, 1mm camber. Will be speed, normal, thermal.

Also, I've repositioned the RX to the rear. This means i'll be able to ballast for slope.
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 15, 2015 @ 03:36 PM | 3,121 Views
Second flight

It is -1 and fog in Gothenburg, Sweden. Just the perfect temp to turn the ground into wet icy mud, streets to slippery-slides and the damp just make the cold bite into you. Gothenburg at 0 is colder than Kiruna in the North at -15. The damp salty sea air does it.

But there is no wind, and I have an itch to fly my new plane.

Went to field only to discover I had downloaded wrong settings in the Taranis. Fingers already cold from fiddling with flap/Ail cables. Better cables on order from HK.
Quick reprogram and colder fingers. TX NiMH dropping voltage like a stone. Gah!

Reset warning from 6,5 V to 6,2. At least a few turns.

Easy throw. Up up and away. Solid climb. Big low speed prop is so silent and nice. A muted Woooosh. Trimming. Flies nice. Good harmony. Roll rate a bit slow perhaps. Up and down. Up again. Down. No thermal. Just cold, foggy, overcast. But I'm happy.

Ambers sweet voice calls out RSSI warning. Then voltage warning. I look at the screen. 5.9 V. I'm only 50 m away.

I turn 270 into the wind, flaps out and set up to land immediately. My fingers are stiff but I'm good.

The wings are level, the failsafe is properly set and the plane will land itself if I dont do it. I go in way to high and fast and overshoot but I want to keep it close to myself. It glides forever on the ground effect, then the wheel gracefully touches the ground. I balance it with the ailerons until it stops 70-80 meters away.

"RSSI critical" says Amber. I walk towards my plane. "Telemetry Lost" says Amber ten paces later.

"Anything can happen when you fly model aircraft" is something my mentor Dan likes to say. So be prepared for anything. My old Multiplex Cockpit TX went on transmitting until the bitter end. 5,4 V still meant lots of range. This time I was stupid but lucky. Telemetry, Taranis and Amber saved the day.

Merry Christmas!
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 12, 2015 @ 05:15 PM | 3,661 Views
I began RC:ing in the early 80's. My first radio was a Futaba FP-T4L. It had servo reverse courtesy of some micro-switches on the rear. I ran it in my two aircraft and my two cars. The aircraft was Blue Phoenix from Swedish Hobbyträ. The other plane was a Happy 20 from Kato. Cars were first a Kyosho Wheelie and a couple of years later the new Tamiya Hormet. Same servos and same receiver, I swapped them around all the time.

A couple of radios passed through. Hitec Flash 5 and then a Multiplex Cockpit MM which cost a lot but was quite good. But just good - for example, the delta mix just refused to work properly. Hobby hiatus ten years and into 2,4 GHz to a Smart SX and a DX6i. Not happy.

So, i took the plunge eventually to the Taranis. Being a SW function developer I have both ideas and experience. Still daunting. First days were a mix of frustration and joy. Good help online so it was sorted but some things were tricky.

I managed to fry a servo by connecting it to the CCPM output of the RX. Yes I bought the wrong RX! I watched and still watch a lot of Yotube videos to learn. Found some awesome blogs such as Mike Shellin and got great support on Swedish forum.

It has taken some days to start unlearning the instinctive RC-thinking - and think like a programmer. It's really basic but also so hard.

Todays task was to setup my Nano Floh. It used to be 2ch with 2 servos but now has two aileron servos and one elevator servo. I want to use spoilerons to be able...Continue Reading