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Posted by KristofferR | Nov 19, 2015 @ 04:24 AM | 3,388 Views
This blog entry originated as a post, but sort of sank in the thread. I'm looking for some feedback on video. And also shamelessly plugging my Youtube channel, OK.

I have always been fascinated by aerial photo, maps, GPS traces and the like. A long time ago, I was experimenting with taping a servo on a compact camera - the type with an actual roll of film inside. When I started RC flying again this year, I found this stuff is now cheap and light so I got myself the Mobius camera and taped it to my Telink Toro 300 wing and then on most of my other models.

It was fun for a while to look at the photos and videos, but then I wanted to make it more "watchable" for lack of a better word. Taking pictures from the air made me appreciate how difficult it is to fly in a way that makes the aerial film or photo look good and how incredibly hard it is to get good air-to-air photo.

Movie Maker was free on my PC so I edited a clip of me flying the Multiplex FunMan with gyro on and off. There arent many clips of that plane it seems so I got some views from that I suppose. I made some more clips and was advised by a friend to try and mix in some different angles and also try to tell a bit of a story.

On the other hand, a pure unedited clip of a plane just flying around is sometimes exactly what you want to help you with a buy - many commercial or promo videos for RC planes are cut into tiny pieces and also flown by absolute pro level pilots and give absolutely...Continue Reading