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Posted by rcnuts2 | Feb 22, 2010 @ 11:27 PM | 4,580 Views
Hi, r/cer's welcome to my blog page I'm just getting started here so not much to add just yet. In case you don't Know me and you are here to see who I am, let me fill you in. My name Is Andy, some call me Drew, my log in is rcnuts2, because I am. I've been r/c nuts since 1986 I think. I can't remember back that far. Whenever the RC-10 came out. I bought one and started racing, having fun and winning races until 1990 when the airplane bug bit me so I've been flying fixed wing ever since.This year for Christmas my 22yo son got a BladeMxc witch I was elected to test fly and trim since I am the only one in the family with rc skills.Well I dont have to tell you heli guy's what happened next. For the rest of you... well if you dont have an interest in heli's and the money to back up that interest DON'T TOUCH THEM!!!! I was instantly hooked Now I'm the proud owner of a BCX3 I have a BMsr on the way, and am officially coo-coo for coax. I cant wait to mod out my cx3. I aslo have my eyes on a pretty little BMxc s-300. I have also flown model rockets since I was a kid and am now a BAR (born again rocketeer).as an adult I hold a level 1 HPR certification with TRA. So that's me all over the page as usual. welcome to my little insane piece of heaven, snoop around and have fun I'll find some pics for you to look at soon.

Have started assembling the RC-Guy's Super Decathlon here's some pics to oogle over, as well as some other crap....Continue Reading