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Posted by Miami Mike | Jun 29, 2019 @ 01:58 PM | 9,598 Views
I'd like to get a discussion going here about tent camping, or "primitive camping", during the 2019 Soaring NATS. I've never done this before so hopefully I'll hear from people who have and we can all share thoughts and ideas.

Here are some links and images:I was told that there are showers at Site #3 and at the back of the museum. Here's a Google Maps aerial view of the layout as I understand it. Please let me know if it's wrong:

If an access code is required for the showers, what time do you have to arrive to get the code? If the office is closed, can someone else get you in?

What's a good time to arrive so that you'll have plenty of time to set up and relax?

Also, I'd appreciate any advice on what to bring, what to do about meals, etc.