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Posted by VicT | Jun 22, 2019 @ 12:51 AM | 4,407 Views
Retracts have been well worn and work good on plane stand but on takeoff they don’t retract all the way into the wheel wells. I am using 4S and amps are under ESC limit. I replaced old retracts with new ones (stock) to see if this solves the problem.
The old retract was taken apart for inspection and to see how they work. See pics

Today the maiden with new retracts went great. The wheels go all the way up to the worm gear “stops” and the tires are flush with the underside of the wing!
Posted by VicT | Jun 20, 2019 @ 10:24 PM | 3,675 Views
Takeoff was with Self Level Off so I could set trim. After trimming for hands off flight for 3 or 4 seconds Self Level was turned on. Roll and pitch limits were verified as well as hands off level flight with all flap settings. A full flap landing with partial power was completed. On the bench Self Level was turned off, the elevator marked on the fuse and TX trim returned to neutral. Then the elevator clevis was adjusted to bring the elevator back to match the mark on the fuselage.
I exported the settings to Dales SD card then imported the file to his DX9 TX. Wireless buddy box “fam” training will be next.
Posted by VicT | Jun 20, 2019 @ 03:10 PM | 3,297 Views
Having the V900 receiver installed in my AT6 Texan with flaps and retracts I figured it would work as well in the T-28. Today confirmed my hopes. I had to move the elevator servo arm 180 degrees and move the servo to the side to relieve push rod stress and I added a servo reverser to the aileron Y channel. However I did not have to reprogram the receiver using the Windows software and program cable. The receiver was purchased as an open stock and Horizon at my request put in the V900 settings before shipping it to me. The old receiver can be used for other purposes.

First step was to pry the stock 636 RX out of the foam fuselage and to remove the white rubber glue using forceps. Then servo plugs were removed and placed in the new V900 RX one at a time. Most of the plugs had ID tags on them. If yours does not have tags I recommend using painters tape (I like yellow) and then mark them with a black Sharpie marker. I added a short aileron extension to the bind port as it’s easier to insert and remove a bind plug that way. I used 3M Dual Lock to secure the RX to the white foam RX area. Inserting a small tool (piece of credit card) can easily pry the Dual Lock apart in case the RX has to be taken out for another plane.

I had previously bound the RX to a new ACRO model and got the B switch to turn Self Level on and off. I then rebound the receiver to the old T-28 Non Safe settings and the B switch worked to turn Self Level on and off. After binding the elevator was reversed as well as the aileron. Rudder worked. I could have reversed the RX 180 degrees and possibly have only one flight control to reverse but I proceeded with the old fashion way of rotating the elevator servo arm 180 degrees. At this time I also swapped out the white nylon clevis with the weak pin for Dubro’s new black nylon clevis with the larger pin. I had to drill out the elevator horn to match the .063 inch O.D.
To be continued
Posted by VicT | Jun 01, 2019 @ 11:01 PM | 1,463 Views
Spektrum technical recommends:

1. Start with a new model and not an existing model.
2. Bind it with the bind plug removed. Make sure receiver is blinking when you bind.
3. In System Setup Channel Assign assign a switch to turn SAFE on or off. Any switch can be used between channel 5-9. The gear channel is 5. If the gear is used for retracts then use channel 6 to activate switch B. I like to use Switch B because it’s the easiest to toggle on and off with the left forefinger pad. The middle position (1) can be set to On or Off.
4. Move both sticks to lower inside position. In the monitor screen make sure throttle, aileron, elevator, and rudder are showing plus or minus 100 percent.
5. Toggle switch B between stops (0 and 2) until you see a “twitch” in the elevator. Stop toggling when you see this and confirm the switch works by holding the model nose down and tail up. SAFE On should give you up elevator. Turning it off should give you neutral elevator. Put model into a bank. The upper wing aileron should raise trying to level the wing. If you don’t get this re toggle the switch again.
6 Once the switch is working you can name the model, select wing type (flaps), throttle, cut, rate switches, mix switches, and audio.
7. On first flight turn SAFE Off and trim the model at what ever minimum power is to maintain altitude (roughly 50 percent throttle) then land. If FM (flight modes) are used then trim for each flight mode such flaps up,...Continue Reading