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Posted by stgdz | Jun 18, 2012 @ 08:18 PM | 10,607 Views
This post is an effort to show the differences between a good 3d kit and a value one, I am updating it almost everyday. Once I am done I will post it.

I often see pilots looking for a lower cost alternative to the big three planes. I got a lower cost model before getting an extreme flight airframe.

First up is the prince
It has all the goodies

48" Extreme Flight Extra 30 EXP
Motrofly 2820 600kv
13x6.5 Prop
Airboss 45amp
65mg's and an 85mg on the tail
Ar8000 with telemetry

This was one of my first 3d planes but it started life as a sport setup plane.

The Pauper
This one has a lot of value parts in it.
49" Ebay specialYak 55m
Turnigy L3020B
14x7 HK prop
Hobbywing 60amp
Corona 939mg
Orangerx with satellite

About me
I've recently gotten back into this hobby after about a 15 year abscence. I used to fly my eagle 2 trainer and some sport planes maybe every two weeks. I saw a link last year to Daniel holman doing some crazy stuff with an extra 300, stuff that I never thought possible and I was introduced to 3d flight.

I'm by no means a good 3d flier. Rolling harriers and inverted harriers are something I am still working on and having difficulty with. Pretty much anything that requires a level linked roll i go all stupid on. Hovers are not perfect yet for me but I work on them trying to keep them straight up. Tumbles, harriers, blenders, pop tops, and KE spins are what I am decent at.

The build
The EF plane comes with a...Continue Reading