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Posted by Bonafidepirate | Dec 11, 2008 @ 10:47 AM | 19,250 Views
Here's another update of sorts... Not exactly a progress report, but just to let you know that I've decided to open a thread and continue the build there, rather than keep posting in the blog.

Be sure to check it out here!
Posted by Bonafidepirate | Dec 08, 2008 @ 05:03 PM | 19,485 Views
Here's the next installment in the finishing of the Willi "B".

I got the fuselage pretty much done. The cowling is finished up, the main gear is in place and done, the tail skid is done, the top wing mounts are done. All that's left at this point is to install the elevator servo and pushrod. I'm waiting to get the tail covered and on before I do that.

I covered the fuselage in red, and will do both wings and the tail in silver.

Once all that is done I'll figure out how to do flying wires and keep the wings removable. The hardest part to figure out will be the struts and where the wires attach to the fuselage. The lower wing will be the access to the battery, so it needs to be easy and quick to remove.

Stay tuned for more later!
Posted by Bonafidepirate | Dec 06, 2008 @ 01:49 PM | 19,000 Views
I got a little more done this morning. I finished up a little bit of bracing in the fuselage, and put in a hardwood block for the landing gear, as well as a block in the tail for a skid to mount to later. I kept the main gear simple, just some regular old music wire and GWS wheels.

Here's a couple of mock ups with it sitting on the wheels, no tail skid yet though.
Posted by Bonafidepirate | Dec 05, 2008 @ 11:46 AM | 19,303 Views
Ok, I ended up getting a bit done on the fuselage this morning, so I thought I'd make another entry here.

Bill built the firewall with the intent to mount a motor behind it. The motor I went with mounts in front, so I had to modify things a bit. I wanted to retain the looks, so I decided to cut the front of the fuselage off, and put a new firewall farther back, and use the cut off portion of the fuselage for a cowling.

I made a clean cut, then sanded the ends flat for a good fit. Once I built the firewall, I bolted the motor mount up to it, gluing the nuts to the back of the firewall with CA so that I can remove the mount if I ever need to and not have the nuts fall off the back. It would be near impossible to get to the back to hold them in place to put the motor on later. Then I glued it into the fuselage.

I used two flat pieces of ply to fit the cowling in the fuselage and keep it centered up, two small screws on the top and two more on the bottom secure the cowling, they go through the fuselage into the ply plates.

With everything in place, I test fit the motor in the fuselage, with the cowling and prop on. Everything fits great, with plenty of room for air to get to the motor and into the fuse to keep things cool. The wood prop looks nice on there too!

Stay tuned for more later!
Posted by Bonafidepirate | Dec 05, 2008 @ 08:51 AM | 19,174 Views
The first thing I did was finish up the ailerons. (well not entirely, I did start on the fuselage and did a bit on that, but I'll save that for when it's done... )

Bill included the aileron linkages with the airframe. All I had to do was round the leading edges of the ailerons themselves, install the hinges, and make up the linkages and fit them into the wing. Then I built the servo mount and finished up the center of the wing around that.

With this done, the lower and upper wings are nearly ready for covering! The only thing left is to figure out how I want to do the struts, and build mounts for them into the wings.

Next installment, finishing up the fuselage. That will involve the landing gear, motor mount, mounting the electronics, etc. Should be fun... Stay tuned!
Posted by Bonafidepirate | Dec 05, 2008 @ 08:43 AM | 19,221 Views
OK, so I've not done these Blogs yet, and decided to give it a go. Besides, I've got a great subject here.

I'll do this as sort of a "build log" of a great little biplane I'm working on at the moment. Here's the story. Bill, aka "Kam Arrow" posted in the free items section with this airframe he designed and started building. I kindly expressed my interest, and received a message that it could be mine for the price of shipping. Thanks Bill!

So I got the airframe here, along with the drawings, and some templates for parts. I must say that Bill did a great job on this one! Here's what it looked like. (These are Bill's pictures from the thread listing the item.)