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Posted by RaisedByWolves | Aug 26, 2021 @ 10:40 AM | 14,262 Views
Iím sick I tell ya.

At the present time I have 15 or so of these in a wide variety of configurations with a few in the Red Bull fuse/mechanics.

Blade 130x Red Bull

I figured I would start this blog as Iíve gone to some lengths in modifying one of my Red Bullís to accept a higher power out runner as an experiment. Having completed that, I wanted to document my efforts for myself for future reference and for others if they would like to try this or just follow along.

So Iíll start at the beginning. I was born a poor black child....

I disassembled one of these Helis frames to take measurements and to map out what I would need to do to make this work.

I also employed the markup feature on my phone to annotate the pics with some info. These pics show the measurements I took from the inner frame width, depth of the frame from a known location to the motor mounting shelf and also the spacing of the motor mounting bolts in their stock location from a known point.

The inside width I had initially measured as .855 is actually more like .890.

Motor mounting hole location from the back of the elevator servo mounting slot to the motor shaft center line.

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