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Posted by Rcfiddy1 | Jun 21, 2016 @ 08:15 PM | 6,981 Views
Since getting bit by the rc bug back in the 70s when my dad built a little dumas rc boat. Since than I have been thru every type of rc. The boat evolved into planes, than into cars, than I ventured into helis and recently multirotors. I stuck with helis for years. Always amazed by what people can do with these but I was never able to achieve that high caliber of 3d. That's ok, I still love flying helis but my thirst for planes took a back seat for many reasons. Mostly due to location and work. But as I see myself getting older and slowing down due to health reason I resort back to my love of planes. These days are filled with so many choices of planes. Foamies have come a long way. I picked up my 2 favorite planes re ently. A Freewing A10 and P51. The days of glow plugs and fuel are over for me. No more lugging a tool box full of parts to the field. Charge up batteries, load planes and radio and my day at the field is complete.