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Posted by parkfly27 | Jul 30, 2013 @ 10:56 PM | 6,303 Views
After discovering Green's peak on the Flagstaff flyers website and watching the fire lookout tower weather all week, i couldn't hold off any longer.... So i packed up the car with a bunch of planes, sheets, and some bare necessities (oh and and little Cotton pup of course!) and headed to northeast AZ.

Among the planes that tagged along was a Stryker and Mouton passer-downs from my good flying friend Jim. The Stryker has seen numerous sorties off the water retention dam and A-mountain across from New Mexico state university.

I arrived to Green's peak late in the day Saturday, and after taking in the scenery and putting a quick flight on the 3D foamie, i found a spot to camp for the night. After a night of refreshing rain, the clouds began to clear and it was time to head to the top. After taking in the breathtaking vivid green post-monsoon scenery i began to look for the slope site. What's i didn't realize was that you have to drive around the back of the mountain a little ways and loose some elevation to get the best wind angle. The winds were 15-20 mph steady right up the slope. First up was the Stryker which was nice lazy fun, since it wasn't clean enough to get any penetration in the wind.

After getting the feel for the conditions, i dusted off the Mouton (which i had covered the nose section in a Kevelar-carbon sock, intending to stick a stupidly large motor on the front....) Well it turns out i wouldn't need a motor to get this puppy moving After adding two...Continue Reading
Posted by parkfly27 | Nov 19, 2009 @ 01:54 AM | 7,036 Views
Here's some pics of the progress on my extra. Motor and esc is mounted, now all that is left to complete is the $100 hobbycity battery order that i keep putting off
After that i have to mount the cowl, put the prop on, and she is ready to go. I'm thinking i will have to put the lipo pack tied onto the motor mount or firewall somehow because she is really tail heavy...

UPDATE: I did the maiden flight this afternoon! That Assan HV-80 ESC had a hard time starting and running the motor, and eventually burned up, making a huge mess inside the cowling So, i ordered a Turnigy Sentillon 100A HV ESC and now it runs the motor sooo smooth. The programming card also made things much easier too.
Anyways, the power is just insane. At full throttle that 22X8 gas prop screams for its life The 2 flights lasted around 5 or 6 minutes each, not including a couple of short "hops" to get a feel for the trim. everything stayed barely warm, including the battery. The plane will go vertical from takeoff, and hover at 1/2 throttle.

I was so focused on flying i forgot to get my Sister to take some flying photos. Ah well, next time i will, i promise.

Here's the components i ended up putting into the plane:

Motor: Exceed Rc MonsterPower 160 $50
ESC: Turnigy Sentillon 100A HV $100
Battery: 2X 5000mah 5S 20C Flightmax (wired in series). $78

So, for $228 i have a 50-cc equivalent electric power system that is good for a 10 minute flight with no mess to clean up, and a awesome supercharged engine sound. Big electrics are the future.

Did another flight at the AZ Watts UP fly-in last weekend.
Many thanks to tom83 for the flight photos!!
Posted by parkfly27 | Aug 31, 2009 @ 06:59 PM | 7,194 Views
Ok, here's a list of the airplanes i have, and have had...

Currently in flying condition:

-Polk Hobbies 72-inch DC-3 TWA scheme
-E-flite Tribute FX 3D
-Electrifly Xpd-81 (with 4400KV inrunner!!!)
-Dynaflyte Bird of Time converted to electric (don't fly too often because i have a hard time getting it to come down
-S-Flying Models 63-inch Eindecker converted to electric, with 6LBS of thrust
-E-flite Mini Ultra Stick

Airplanes that need minor work (prop adapter, new motor, ect..) Listed from most to least work needed

-Multiplex funjet
-Great planes 1/4-Scale Extra 300 "Patty Wagstaff" with Turnigy 52cc gasser (haven't flown yet. Will try this weekend... Wish me luck!!)
-F-27 stryker converted to rocked boost with estes D12 motor (needs 2 micro servos)
-Great planes fling converted to DLG (needs 2 micro servos)
-Hyperion "Miss Hyperion" flying Hydro

Airplanes that need major work (fuselage re-build, replace firewall, ect..) also lsted from most to least work needed

-98-inch WS TOC Yak-54. I have the wings, tail, and rudder, but i need to build a fuselage. This one will be electric. (if i ever finish it)
-E-Sky Belt CP (Heli) Crashed attempting 3D... Seemed like i needed higher rates. Anyways, it just needs a few little parts and some new blades.
-Dymond-RC Double Blitz 82-inch. Crashed from RF interference, was such a sweet-flying airplane, top speed maybe 70MPH, sooo smooth.
-Sig L'il Rascal... crashed from reciever...Continue Reading
Posted by parkfly27 | Oct 28, 2008 @ 12:47 AM | 6,379 Views
Hi fellow R/Cers

I converted a 5.5-pound SF eindecker .40 to electric for around $100. here's the components:
Zippy 4-cell 2200 25C Lipo: $40

Towerpro 3520-7 outrunner motor: $30.... This is no longer sold by hobbycity, but there are many equivalent motors on their website (turnigy, hextronik, KDA, ect....)

Towerpro 50A esc: $20
Hextronik 3-amp BEC: $7

Total: $97!!

This setup gives me roughly eight minutes of flying time, and has enough power to hover the plane. The prop is a turnigy 14X10 cherry wood propeller. Total power is around 600 watts.
Even after a hard flight on a hot New Mexico summer day, the battery, motor, and ESC are barely warm.

So far all of the zippy batteries have worked great, both for myself and other flyers. the 25C series holds their voltage right untill the end. I use them on my gws 109, funjet, tribute fx 3D, zagi, and now the eindecker. And did i mention that my 2200's usually take 2300mah after being discharged to 3 volts/cell? You just can't go wrong with hobbycity lipos.

hope this info is usefull to someone.