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Halloa people

sooo.. you have probably come across previous Jumper transmitters? The selling points of those were:
1. inexpensive; 2. multi-protocol; 3. small (tiny)
And this new T16 holds true to most of those.. it is NOT small however

Feel free to post Your experiences / review / questions etc about the radio offcourse
I'll start with a first part to my review of it

Jumper T16 Multi Protocol Radio - Review Part 1 (32 min 45 sec)

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Minimum RC Piper J3 (3 min 16 sec)

Here is some flight video ...
The J3 really can fly well when the correct CG is achieved .

I was how ever having issue with the V911 flight board , where by the servos would stop working for some reason ( ?????????????????????????? )
Don't ask me , everything was fine , then crash !

There just was no servo response .. I could cut the throttle just fine , but the servos .
Cant blame the J3 for the flight board issues !

Anyways , I unsoldered the antenna and replaced it with something much longer ..
Will see what happens ..

Aside from the servo issues , the J3 did impress ...

J3 @ Banggood

Watch the video , and see what you think ...

Sorry - Forgot !
I was flying @ 30% to 50% Throttle ....
So there is more power available ..
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Went to the park , took the UMX Whipit as it has not flown in quite a while ..

UMX Whipit at the park (7 min 59 sec)

What can I say , it was cool and overcast , so the park was dead ! ( No thermal activity )
The whip behaved itself ok , just a little trimming for the conditions .
I really struggled for hang time though ...
What was it with 24 seconds ?
I got in one 41 second toss , but nothing close to a minute ..
Some times the park felt a little like a sink hole !

Minimum RC J3

Took it out to the street this morning ...
It was really hanging it's beehive .. And tip stalling like a champ .
Hmmm , I could only wonder if the CG was too far back .
That wing is a little like a parachute , so it might have been ballooning .
So I move the battery further forward ( Quite a bit )
VIOLA ! - It flies , right into a tree !
But no , it actually flew like a RC plane is supposed to fly ( yeah , right into a tree )
So it flies .. I just need more space ..

I will try and get some video of the J3 , maybe tomorrow morning ...

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Sagitta 900 is ready to fly.
Took a lot of nose wt to get the balance right.
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I got out for a couple of hours of flying after work today.
I was not sure if the wind direction would be flyable as they were calling for a west wind which blows through a tree line and is crossed ..but 25 to 30 mph was calling me
I brought out a Bob Martin Coyote 54 oz
and a 2 M T-Tail that I think is a Gerry 53 oz
I put the Coyote up first and flew for around 40 min, I had not put my gloves on because I was not sure if I could launch it with my left had with a glove on... besides the temps were in the mid 40's,I flew a lot colder that this this past winter
The launch was no problem but by the time I landed my fingers were hurting pretty good {must be getting old}

It took at least 10 minuets of swinging my arms to get my hands warm again and it was time for "Gerry", by this time the wind had picked up to over 30's with gusts around 40 mph trying to rip the plane out of my hands.
I had to sit down on the slope face in front of the plane for at least 5 minute before I got a lull to launch was worth it
The lift was brutal but a blast with some huge pumps and at other times the wind just stopping it as the direction changed to south and then back to west - {North Easter weather at its best}
Keep them in the air Boy's
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Here are some oldie but goodies!! Forgot all about these!! And to think that people have said that I was copying them.... yeah.... I don't think so guys....

Skyangel 50mm L-39 Afterburner effect... (1 min 1 sec)

Skyangel L-39 with LED afterburner effects. (4 min 29 sec)
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The T8SGv2 Plus Carbon edition features DeviationTX, OLED display, Built in Multi-module, Hall Gimbals, Built in voice support (New in Carbon edition only) and the Updated rear case with 18650 Tray included.

This one is a Banggood exclusive for the time being.

Jumper T8SG V2.0 Plus Hall Gimbal Multi-protocol Advanced 2.7" OLED Transmitter for Flysky Frsky

The Jumper T8SG And T8SG+ Multi-Protocol radio features a compact size and a host of protocol options all built in to one product. Four individual RF Chip modules are all integrated with the main internal RF Module. Various protocols can be quickly and easily selected from the model menu allowing you to bind the radio to just about any major protocol in today’s market. An external module bay allows for additional proprietary protocol use for Long range flyers.

The T8SG+ Version also features, back lit OLED display, smooth Hall Sensor gimbals for an enhanced user experience.

The T8SG series are a truly portable Hobby grade solution for all your models without compromising on that real radio feel and functionality. Control all your favorite RC items from one radio and have more space for models!

Brand: Jumper
Item No.: T8SG V2.0 Plus
Size: 158 x 150 x 58mm
Weight: 338g (without battery)
Color: Carbon fiber
Transmission frequency: 2.400GHZ-2.7GHZ
Transmitter Module: Four in One High Frequency Module (CC2500 CYRF6936 A7105...Continue Reading
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So I've been caught in the Flitetest Forum and their forum what are they?

Flitetest Forum...what are these Forum Challenges? (6 min 48 sec)

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Hi every one..
I want to build my drone..
It should be efficient one by weight lifting ant flight time perspective..
I want to choose a good motor for it..
Right now I have the following linked motors..
please suggest me which one should I Choose..
Thanks in advance..
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I have a brand new gull winged corsair for sale. Please make offer. New in box. Email if you have questions. [email protected]
PayPal only
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I just want to say thanks for the well wishes and concern shown by many of my fellow RC Groupers over my recent stroke.
I'll try to answer any questions regarding my stroke here instead of getting way off topic in the general discussion threads.

On Monday March 25th at around 5:15 PM my left arm seemed to develop a mind of it's own and tried to beat me to death. Luckily I was at work and not on the road home so was able to call out across the room for help. EMS was summoned and I was transported to Manatee Memorial after they decided I had a stroke local to my left arm only. The seizures had stopped by the time EMS arrived but there was no strength left in my arm. I couldn't even lift it without using my other arm to do so. Shortly after arriving at the ER, I experienced another seizure in the same arm but this one was short lived due to whatever the drug was they injected me with. I spent the night in the ER and was transported to the stroke unit the next day.
From there I was given steroids, and anti seizure medications via IV and had multiple CT and MRI Scans (with & without contrast) over a period of a few days. There is a small tumor/lesion of approx. 1.3 cm in my brain that they feel is responsible for my condition and surgery has been scheduled to remove it on April 11th. Prayers for a well trained surgeon with God guiding his hands will be much appreciated for this date. I'm hoping for minimal complications for this event although the surgeon has...Continue Reading
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Review (ip) of Eachine TX06 700TVL FOV 120 Degree 5.8Ghz 48CH Smart Audio Mini FPV Camera Support Pitmode AIO Transmitter For RC Drone Racing - PAL

This is new AIO from Eachine and here are some details.

  • OSD configuration using FC Uart
  • Super small and lightweight
  • 700TVL high picture quality,Low Power Consumption.
  • 48CH channel with race band
  • Power by 1S lipo battery
  • Plug and play,designed for DIY
  • Super Mini 5.8GHz 48CH FPV Transmitter +700TVL FPV Camera+Brass dipole Antenna+OSD

Transmitting power: 25mW
Frequency: 5.8G 48CH
Input voltage:3.3-5.5V
Current consumption:280mA(typical)
Camera resolution: 700TVL
Video Format: NTSC
Field of view : 120°viewing angle
Antenna dimensions: 35mm*4.2mm diameter
Antenna: Brass dipole Antenna
Frequency:5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels,
with Race band:5474-5945MHZ
Size: 14*13.8mm(L*W)

In the box:

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Review of Eachine TX1200 25/200/600/1000mW 5.8GHz 40CH FPV Transmitter LED Display Support Smart Audio OSD Pitmode MIC TX

New and powerful TX from Eachine came out and here are some details and DVR 1km flight test

  • Support smart audio, use OSD configuration via smart audio
  • 25mW/200mW/600mW/1000mW 4 levels power switchable
  • 7V-26V wide voltage input

Brand Name : Eachine
Model : TX1200 VTX
Support Smart Audio
Power Switable : 25mW/200mW/600mW/1000mW
Power Input : 7V-26V
Power Output : 5V
Connector : MMCX
Extra features: 1W Smart audio
Cable Connector : JST,6Pin
Dimensions: 36*36mm 30.5 stack able hole

1km range test DVR

Eachine TX1200 1km range test DVR 1000mW - 25/200/600/1000mW 5.8GHz 40CH FPV Transmitter (3 min 52 sec)

Reference data:
5V Camera Supply: 95mA(Typical value)[email protected]
5V Camera Supply: 180mA(Typical value)[email protected]
5V Camera Supply: 300mA(Typical value)[email protected]
5V Camera Supply: 480mA(Typical value)[email protected]

Freq. list:

...Continue Reading
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Hi wondering if any one can help i recently had a problem with my ftx servo so i fixed the problem and im now left with a steering issue the servo is working fine but it seems the steering rack is catching some were maybie.any body had any similar issues any help is welcome ive got a tiny bit of steering but thats it
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The V911 control board has been connected to the motor ..
And then hot glued into the J3 ..

Elevator / Rudder connections made ..

I did some chuck testing with the battery taped to the fuse and ........ I put some Velcro on the belly !
This way I can move the battery for CG ..

It's ready ! Just charging up a battery now ...
It is way too breezy for the J3 outside , so I might do some taxi runs in the hallway ..
It was very calm last night . so maybe a after dark session with the J3 ?
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I enjoy preparing sections of material and surface sanding them down to see the unique resulting properties.

Typically with these tests I remove a huge amount of material because otherwise the material(s) would be too thin to hold together for sanding, or be glued with integrity, or with a perfect finish, etc. In the end something comes out that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts.

I have no practice application for this one in mind but thought it was interesting. Just sharing here.
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RC F3h Demon RC EDF Jet Maiden Flight! [4K] (18 min 28 sec)

The other Day I finally Miadened My Scracth-built RC F3H Demon Navy Fighter Jet That I started building in 2006, I originally finished her in 2009 and she sat for nearly 10 years, then last year I got her ready for her maiden flight.

And Flew Finally Flew! And I'm very Proud to now really Be "DemonDriver" for real!

She flew 3 times 2 short flights and one 1-min flight which ended in her Lipo dying and her nosing in but the damage was not bad at all and she will be fully repaired soon and flying again.
Posted by old4570 | Apr 02, 2019 @ 05:49 PM | 3,671 Views - Minimum RC Piper J3 @

I saw this on and thought - how cute is that !
With Oz Wizards becoming crazy %^&^&#$^*'s and criminalising RC in Oz , it looks like law abiding citizens need to think smaller if they dont want to be licensed and registered like gun owners for flying model air-planes .

So with crazy Wizards running Oz !

This be a very small J3

Wingspans : 360mm
Length : 290mm
Weight : 25g
Motor : 720 coreless motor

My plan is to use one of my precious V911 boards to fly the J3 .
So as pictured , is where the stock build ends ... And the V911 conversion starts .

Comprises of 3 pieces of depron glued together
This makes for a light yet relatively stiff sheet fuse .
Only issue I see , is the section for the Rud / Ele is left as a single sheet . This makes the tail somewhat flexible and weak . ( Could be an issue )
Also be sure to alight correctly as the two outer pieces are used to create a slot for gluing the wing into .

Rud / Ele:
The rudder seems fine , but you need to be careful gluing the elevator .. It needs to be located carefully so it does not sit too far forward or to far back .
Also it is best to get your angles correct . the ele does not just sit there while the glue dries , it tended to droop for me .. So I needed something under one ele tip to maintain that 90deg angle with the rudder while the...Continue Reading
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I didn't change the settings of the Turtle yet. The Gecko 3 inch flies very smooth and stable, almost like a 5 inch.

Wing Watchers, Pt. 2 - Armattan Gecko, Caddx Turtle (3 min 15 sec)