Posted by old4570 | Feb 27, 2021 @ 05:42 PM | 10,345 Views
UMX Turbo Timber again (5 min 44 sec)

Video did not corrupt this time ..

6.30 AM start , Brrrr 9.9 deg C summer morning .

No wind to speak off ..

This time I let the antenna hang , and it did not help at all . Actually , maybe worse !
If I could get the the Flight Control Board , I would buy a long range drone antenna and solder it in place .
But the TT is glued together , so ! Maybe go with a thicker tail rather than a thin bit of wire ? ( Yeah , sounds like a plan )
Anyways , next time I will be going back to the L shaped bend and the end of the antenna and see if I can get back what I had early on .
Posted by VicT | Feb 27, 2021 @ 05:04 PM | 12,532 Views
I’m helping a clubmember with his approach and landings with his Extra. We have a constant 5-10 direct crosswind so there is limitless to no headwind component to land on our fabric or grass runway. Ground speed has been reduced using near stall speeds with flaperons, and spoilerons but is problematic. Today I installed flaps and what a difference this makes. With half flaps she slows down and with full flaps she can come in at a higher approach angle and speed is much slower. Takeoffs with half power and half flaps can be slower and with more time to make rudder corrections.

The DX8 was changed to 1 aileron and 1 flap and both have Y cables that get plugged into channel 2 and channel 6 for the flaps. The flap menu was opened and the D switch was assigned: D0 for “Flaps Up”, D1 for “Takeoff Flaps”, and D2 for “Landing Flaps”. I set +100, 0, and -100% but reduced the throw to 95%, 0, 95% to eliminate servo noise from the min digital servos. The stock foam hinge was retained and a portion had to be repaired with after market hinges. The maximum landing flap angle is still good enough for maximum drag that reduces airspeed. Down compensation was put into the flap menu so that with 4 clicks of throttle the approach glide slope with landing flaps is about a 3 degree glide slope hands off except for rudder corrections to centerline. This power can remain until touchdown or reduced to zero during the flair.

The model will still roll quickly with the outer ailerons at max throws if that’s what you want. The inner portion of the aileron does not have as much roll force as the outer portion of the aileron.

I recommend this mod for the Extra 300.
Posted by unboxingexp | Feb 27, 2021 @ 12:31 PM | 15,446 Views
Sony VCT6 18650 Li-Ion battery (3 min 8 sec)

Sony's VCT6 is one of the most capable 18650 out there. True 15A constant discharge rate with 3000mAh capacity help to power your DIY projects. Therefore, I'm using it on my 3d printed nano long-range drone
Nominal Capacity 3000mAh
Continuous Discharge Rating (max) 15A
Nominal Voltage 3.6V
Maximum Voltage 4.2V
Discharge cut-off Voltage 2.5V
Protected No
Rechargeable Yes
Approx. Dimensions 18.40mm x 65.7mm
Approx. Weight 47.5g
Posted by Rowhider | Feb 27, 2021 @ 10:56 AM | 11,275 Views
Hello guys, I share today an update of my TA04-PRO project: chassis finally completed and body found!

A gorgeous Honda NSX Raybrig 2002 is now waiting for its paint

TAMIYA TA04 PRO - Project Update - Honda NSX Raybrig body Unboxing (1 min 41 sec)

Posted by Tazkiller85 | Feb 27, 2021 @ 06:11 AM | 13,544 Views
Yep Les Amis,
Pas CHER c'est BIEN mais Pas BIEN, c'est CHER ! Lol ... C'était plutôt bien parti avec cette belle journée ensoleillée pour tester le Shadow FIEND de Eachine ainsi que la petite radio JUMPER T-Lite. Le déballage et la mise en route se sont bien passé pour le FIEND mais au premier vol, les soucis sont apparus rapidement comme vous pourrez le voir dans cette vidéo. Vbat, GPS, manque de la sécurisation de l'ipex de la Vista, qualité du carbone et de l'assemblage, en bref, ça fait beaucoup ! Par contre, nous sommes rassurés et très satisfait des performances de la petite JUMPER T-Lite, le pilotage est précis et souple et la portée très satisfaisante avec un XM+ Frsky . Ne ratez pas les BONUS de l'Outro ... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

Eachine Shadow FIEND - Review Test Démo - Pas cher mais ... Trop cher ! Tirage Concours Permanent... (37 min 50 sec)

NOTATAZ : Recallé !

- Eachine SHADOW FIEND VISTA ou NEBULA (coupon BGSW20 ) :
- Eachine SHADOW FIEND analogique (coupon BGEachine2021) :
- Pièces détachées :
- Pads antidérapants collants noirs :
- Lipo conseillée 4S 850mAh (Vol avec Gopro ) :
- Lipo conseillée 4S 1050mAh (Vol avec Gopro ) :
- Li-Ion 4S 3000mAh XT30 (Avec Naked/SMO):
- Li Ion 4S 2800mAh XT60 (Avec Naked/SMO) :
- Adaptateurs...Continue Reading
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I needed a battery case and spied my wife’s old Samsonite cosmetic case. After getting approval from my middle management, I removed the tray and loaded it up with batteries. It has super-duper strong latches and easily holds 8 x 10,000mah 6s batteries, 4 x 2200mah 3s, and some little ones. Just add a Yeti sticker to preserve your dignity Next, I will remove the cylinders that supported the tray. You may want the tray; I don’t. They are held in with rivets that I will drill out. Could make a great garage sale find! Could also be lined with fire-resistant material. Happy Landings, Paul KK5EF
Posted by old4570 | Feb 26, 2021 @ 06:05 PM | 11,196 Views
UMX TT with 3D printed Spinner (3 min 25 sec)

Video corrupted badly , but I saved what I could .

Yes , running the R3.3 22mm 2 blade UMX TT spinner and it does appear to be running fine .
Looks nice too ,

I used a black marker pen to blacken the spinner , make it look more factory . Guess I need a black Gemfan 5030 for that factory look as well .
Looks damned nice , yeah the TT wants a spinner .

Almost forgot , that Gemfan 5030 is so much more gentle on the 300mAh 2s battery pack , a nice bonus .
Posted by Old_Pilot | Feb 26, 2021 @ 05:50 PM | 14,225 Views
Now I can get back to building airplanes
Posted by Justwingit | Feb 26, 2021 @ 02:39 PM | 17,273 Views
Hanging out with Justin Link while he was flying his Freewing J 39 Gripen down at Rabbit Dry Lake a while back...
Freewing JAS 39 Gripen 80mm EDF Jet w/Justin Link at Rabbit Dry Lake (4 min 2 sec)

Enjoy the show
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Feb 26, 2021 @ 11:36 AM | 10,404 Views
In this video some updates of my Tamiya TT-02 Short Course Truck/Monster Truck Conversion! Everything is coming together quite nicely and I can't wait to take it for a spin!

3650 Motor and ESC!

Please visit my website!


SBRC CAST (Ep8): Tamiya TT-02 Short Course Truck/Monster Truck Conversion (Part-2) (3 min 45 sec)

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This is the third plank I have ever made. Just completed, ready to fly, someday.
EPP (5mm). 2212/1400kv motor with 8 inch prop. 20amp ESC. 800mah lipo.
Control arms are bamboo spits and wire, hotglued with heat shrink wire wrap tubes.

Has single 1cm tube spar across wing and a sort of airfoil though I squished the back part of the wing flat when laminating it.

The fuselage is held onto the wing spar with a single zip tie and a few spots of hotglue. Hopefully it will break apart from the wing
in a serious crash. The wing is pretty well indestructable, being completely laminated. Very stiff and bouncy.
Should have used some ribs or lengths of foam to keep airfoil. So really is a modified airfoil with a flatplate section.
If it flies I may open up the ends and shove some foam spars in there to separate to upper and lower wing foils to get a little more
of a real airfoil. Will be interesting.

Heavy, 15.5 oz with 350sq/in wing area. Heavy because of 50grams of laminating film and 60 gram motor. WCL around 4.1 though so should be relatively floaty but with enough weight to tackle some wind.
Should be plenty of power as this motor generates 700+ grams of torque with 8x4 prop. Needed the heavier motor to balance CG. Could use 2206 motor but would have to extend fuselage or use heavier battery. I don't like counterweights.
28 in by 12.5. CG around 2in back from leading edge.
Tiny fins but I fly wings finless alot anyway.

I wanted to make a wing with as much area as possible but that can fit in a bag I have that I can carry easily on my ebike.
So it came out rectangular. I like the way planks fly too.
Posted by old4570 | Feb 26, 2021 @ 05:39 AM | 10,934 Views
I like this one ..
Little in the way of hand work .. Separates from the base by hand ..
22mm seems better for the 2 blade ..

Look for it on Thingiverse
Posted by old4570 | Feb 26, 2021 @ 02:53 AM | 10,955 Views
Revision 2 = 20mm 2 blade spinner

Just seems a little small even though the factory foam one is also 20mm ..

Still a little NQR , and hand work is required due to the way it needs to be prinTED !
Posted by kopterheld | Feb 25, 2021 @ 06:15 PM | 14,960 Views
DJI FPV Drone after 2 months of experience
DJI FPV Drone nach 2 Monaten Erfahrung (13 min 42 sec)
(en subtitle)
The DJI FPV drone comes with the DJI Goggles V2 and the mini DJI FPV remote control. An optional motion controller that enables one-handed freestyle flying is also available. The DJI FPV drone is the best change from DJI Mavic to an FPV drone. With the new DJI FPV drone, everyone can immediately fly really good FPV with the DJI goggles. There is the N-Mode for beginners which, similar to the DJI Mavic, slowly moves the drone. The 4 collision sensors ensure that the drone brakes or stops in front of a danger such as a tree or a person. With the S-Mode you fly almost like a real racing drone. When turning, the drone tilts like an FPV racing drone and reaches up to 97kmh. The M-mode, i.e. manual mode, allows a speed of 140kmh and you can do 360 degree loops, which is only intended for FPV professionals. A GPS module is built into the FPV drone which can fly the drone back at any time. Take-off and landing is fully automatic as you know it from DJI Mavic drones. A panic button is attached to the remote control; when you press it, the DJI drone is braked and remains hovering in place. The optional motion controller is ingenious and you should definitely buy it. With the motion controller you can fly the drone as intuitively as you would with a WII controller.
The video transmission to the DJI FPV Google V2 is 810p with 28ms in low-latency mode or 40ms in high-...Continue Reading
Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 25, 2021 @ 03:47 PM | 10,293 Views
I wish the maker would publish a decent assembly manual. They have on on their web site but it is not really up to date with the changes that have been made to the kit.
I've messed up but learned to fix my mistakes in life. Still pisses me off. Its really good to build two or three of the same airplanes, then one makes no errors.
Looking at the fuselage there are two indents in the wing root. One is for the wires and the other is for an undefined wing retention system. The round opening is behind the spar and is for wires. the rectangular indent is in front of the spar.
So I looked at it and thought the rectangular indent was for a MPX connector, its about the right size. So I made the holes in the wing root. Then I noticed the wires were on the wrong side of the spar! Yikes, I needed to infill this hole and make another one.
I looked at the G10 parts and saw two tabs and thought these must be used to hold the wings on. So, I glued them in the first hole I made. The tabs will pass into the fuselage and I'll connect them with rubber bands or one small nylon cable tie. The idea is the wings can move during a rough landing. Other gliders have the wings held on with tape, which provides the same service. There is not enough of a root to use tape on the Graecalis.
Then I'm looking at the fuselage and rudder. Where are the tabs for the rudder hinge? They are glued in the wing. Oh crap. I'll have to make new ones from G10.
The wing is finished , except for the graphics. I'm...Continue Reading
Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Feb 25, 2021 @ 10:04 AM | 8,577 Views
After finishing my Tamiya TT-01 Type-E On-road to Rally conversion, I took it outside for a quick test run. Apart from the springs (very jumpy), everything else worked fine! The body is painted by my 3 year old daughter!

3650 Motor and ESC!

Please visit my website!


Tamiya TT-01 Type-E On-road to Rally conversion - First Run! (4 min 34 sec)