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Posted by Jameshall842003 | Aug 05, 2019 @ 06:54 PM | 1,115 Views
Okay so here it is the past couple drones I have built I decided to use metal stand-off screws that run through my pdb and flight controller. I've never used PDB's before so this is completely new to me and I've never used full length standoff screws of stainless steel or metal. I noticed after I fly my drone in land or after a couple minutes of it being plugged in my screws are very hot and will burn an imprint to my hand. Now the first time this happened to me I figured out it was my VTX because my VTX heat shrink started to smolder so I changed my VTX and it would only happen after a couple of minutes. On one of my builds I use nylon standoffs and I'm other build I'm using a full metal bolt that runs through for my standoffs and both of them are getting hot. I have absolutely no idea why I figure something is grounding out and I cannot figure it out please help me