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Posted by TimBlackwell | Feb 07, 2006 @ 04:37 PM | 3,862 Views
Hello from Ft. Lauderdale Florida... home of the ..... O.K. ... I don't know what it's home to... I have not lived here that long.

Reader's Digest version of my BIO :
California born, raised an Indiana boy, got out of the cold winters as soon as I could. Design Engineer by trade, Designer, builder, and dreamer by nature.

Owned a hobby shop with my dad when I was a kid. Got into fixed wing Ultralight aircraft during my young ages. Got interested in Gyro craft in my thirties, and designed/built an ultralight-tractor-gyro for myself at the start of my forties.

When I moved here, I did not bring the UL stuff with me (YET !) So to curb my flying desires, I started building foamies ! I have built 6 models in the past 4 months.

I just finished my own partial design. (based on an existing foamie)

I love to fly.... even when I'm stuck on the ground !!!

I love to design and build.... even if I can't get in it.... I can still fly it !

some pictures of my latest build.... F-22 Raptor with ducted fan/brushed motor.

More to come...... my name is Tim Blackwell. Nice meeting you all...... enjoy the Blog-blog-blog-blog!!!