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Posted by Bazzboe | May 01, 2019 @ 09:27 AM | 1,038 Views
I am cleaning house of some of the pilot designs i have sitting on a shelf. I will list them here at a great reduced price as i go through them and deem them sellable. I am also finalizing any outstanding or pending orders ASAP.
I will be focusing this summer on finishing all new designs and completing our web site and catalog. Pretty much starting over and developing much better looking products with our ministry employment opportunities. The increase in material costs will be evaluated too to make these as affordable as possible with loosing integrity or company losses..
Also we will be advertising here and in other media sources to give more exposure to our the interim of the summer shut down if you have a need just call me at 779-243-9964 CST and maybe we will be able to accommodate you.
Thank so much for your support.
Michael Hicks