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Posted by lincoln | Nov 03, 2015 @ 02:20 PM | 33,299 Views
The following is a bit of nonsense inspired by a thread about converting stick and tissue rubber scale to electric power.
I really should have been doing other things. Keep in mind that I haven't tried the motors and other items mentioned below. I HAVE used the IPS motors and a Potensky 01 (I think), which is what I'd recommend if I could find one. If you can find one, I can check to be sure I got the name right.

I think that RC-Dymond, some years back sold the Potensky 01 under the name Max 01, or maybe 001, or 150?

An answer to a question about GWS LPS motors:
A, B, and C appear to refer to gear ratios. The higher the number, the larger the prop you can swing, but the lower the rpm. Fast models probably need a lower gear ratio, slow ones need a higher ratio.

If I'm interpreting the information correctly, the RLC is a much "hotter"wind than the RLX, aka a higher KV*. That means it pulls more amps for a given gear ratio, prop, and voltage than the RLX. So it might be suited for lower voltages. For example, a 1S lipo instead of a 2S. Another way to put it is that the motor itself has a higher KV. (try poking around at and I bet you find an explanation of that, though the site is mostly for larger models)

Anyway, for a given application and prop, the RLC will need a lower gear ratio (i.e. higher number in the chart) than the...Continue Reading