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Posted by lincoln | Sep 10, 2014 @ 01:22 AM | 34,954 Views
Have just been setting up a 6 servo sailplane with a motor in it. Ugh! Servos were buried in the tail when I got it. Since I can't see how to get at them without grave trauma, I have to adjust them electronically, with one of them using almost all the available adjustment. Would have been nice if installed to use the center of the travel. Sigh. Lots of other back and forth fiddling. Had to shorten the elevator pushrod, not sure how previous owner dealt with that, change hole in horn, etc. etc. etc. Not done yet, and it's been a few hours. I miss RES, or in this case REST. Hmmm...
This model is pretty old and has an Aveox LMR motor in it. Gobs of current! 14 inch carbon prop. Was set up for 7 cells, planning on switching to 2 A123 cells, except maybe on windy days. The tail is a bit heavier than I'd like, especially for a t-tail. Maybe I can make a lighter tail and use a smaller motor for balance.