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Posted by lincoln | Aug 07, 2012 @ 11:35 PM | 36,846 Views
Was helping someone to get a plane out of a tree today. It was high enough that we were using a bow with a bowfishing setup (big spool) to get a string over the branch. Sometimes I use dowels with a slot and a hole. The string acts instead of the fletching. (i.e. feathers) I got curious as to what would happen if I fired one off without the string. Pointed it down range across the field, with no one in sight, at maybe 45 degrees elevation. I expected it to go sideways and slow down very fast. Instead, it pulled up as if it had wings, looped over, and came down BEHIND me. Took a while to do it but was very surprising, I'll admit. I doubt if I'll be doing that again!

Anyway, we only lost one arrow and we got the plane back with only minor damage.
Posted by lincoln | Aug 02, 2012 @ 08:23 PM | 36,856 Views
Was instructing today. My student is learning to land, but I don't have a buddy cable that works for his radio. I have one I thought was SUPPOSED to work, but it doesn't.

He landed his Radian off the field after a moment of confusion. Very gently in some bushes. But the brush in between was very dense and had a muddy little brook in it. Somehow I got across the brook without getting my feet wet. However, a machete might have been very useful. Until I noticed that I'd dropped my cell phone, when I might have been tempted to use the machete on my neck. ;-) My student had also been bushwacking, but I sent him back to call me with his cell phone. Eventually found the phone and heard the servos as I worked the right stick on the tx. Managed to find a clearing with sight of the field and was able to fly the plane out instead of dragging through more bushes. Took the long way out myself. I'm tired!

Hoping it won't happen again, since my student is making good progress, especially since he got a simulator working on his Mac.

We managed to get a couple more flights in after this incident.