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Posted by coreman | Jan 13, 2016 @ 05:52 AM | 28,294 Views

This version shrinks the popular Yak55 to a 67% size that allows it to be used in a smaller indoor venue while retaining all the great Leadfeather Yak55 qualities. With the power system we sell the weight comes in under 90g and using 180mah 2S batteries you get a great flying plane for small gymnasiums for the winter that is fully capable of flying outdoors in the better weather. We have also shrunken our standard paint scheme and they are available in the same rainbow of colors popular with our standard 32" Yak55s. You can order it here.

The 6mm EPP Mini Yak55 YouTube video playlist.

The completer package currently includes:
  • C1822 Micro brushless Outrunner 2100kv (14g)
  • TURNIGY Plush 6A /.8bec/6g Speed Controller
  • New Power 5g Servo (qty 1 - Aileron)
  • New Power 3.7g Servo (qty 2 - Rudder & Elevator)
(these components used standard JR/Fut compatible connectors)

Posted by coreman | Jan 13, 2016 @ 05:37 AM | 27,581 Views
Joel "MetroGTI" Dirnberger has tinkered with the BluFO platform yet again by doing up a version with twin motors. In doing so he has addressed several challenges and gone with a more traditional tractor design. Because he kept the main footprint the same and just extended the dorsal fins forward for motor pods, a higher KV motor was required to turn smaller diameter props for clearance. Another added benefit to the two motors is the ability to use differential thrust to give good yaw control. This kit is now shipping in both plain and vinyl graphics versions with a completer pack available shortly.