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Posted by Straight Up | Jan 09, 2017 @ 02:28 AM | 5,600 Views
Background (skip this if “TLDR”)
When I first learned to fly RC in 1990, the local magazine Airborne (Australia) featured adverts from Trimair, a “jet” manufacturing outfit. Back then there were no turbines and electric power was all brushed motors + NiCd batteries, so flying was all I.C. The Trimair Spectre looked incredible and my flying buddies and I all lusted after it. Designed by Tony Roessen using the Northrop F20 as a design basis, it was the ultimate sport jet of its time, arguably ahead of its time. It was designed around the newly released OS 0.91 VRDF, and using Tony’s own-designed and marketed Ramtec ducted fan; it was a formidable piece of machinery. I was desperate to become proficient enough to fly such a jet, and worked my way into pattern aerobatics and pylon racing. However, jets were EXPENSIVE and the $500 kit price tag + all the additional gear pointed at a $2000 plane, which was well outside my reach. We’re talking 1990s money!

The unreachable cost slowly changed when I graduated as an engineer in 1995 and joined the workforce. I was now a proficient flyer, and I could see the end goal. In 2001 I was awarded a large bonus from work, and stipulated with my partner that $2000 would be reserved for my Trim Air Spectre. I placed the order, complete with Spring Air retracts, K&B 1.00 engine, tuned pipe, Ramtec fan and a lot of other goodies. It all arrived in a coffin-sized box, to my utter delight.

However, my wedding was on the horizon,...Continue Reading