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Posted by Straight Up | Jun 04, 2011 @ 09:57 AM | 12,415 Views
I am blessed to have such a supportive wife. With our son barely a month from birth, I got a hankering for the glider I'd always wanted. It was a crazy time to consider getting a new plane, and a plane like this was never going to be cheap, even with Uncle Hobby King supplying the electronics at rock-bottom prices. I spied the plane in a Brit Magazine, going by the name "Elegant", made by RCM Pelikan. A fully moulded fuselage, tee-tail, massive 2800mm wingspan, ailerons, flaps, and a really sleek look! The trouble was, the distribution company in the Czech Republic had sold out of all stock. A mammoth internet search ensued, with over 20 inquiries to places as far afield as Sweden. Most companies didn't even respond. Some companies had it, but wouldn't ship it to me. I came across a company in Spain who went above and beyond the call of duty, and worked tirelessly until they found me a semi-reasonable shipping deal, which was still exorbitant. The kit was going to set me back about $300, and the shipping was a further $200 (!!!). At this point I contacted the British distributor (whose advert in the magazine started all this) and asked them "what the heck? The colour of my money is different!?!?". I gave them a "no liability" clause, and asked what they could do. They agreed to ship me the plane, despite their UK-only shipping policy, and cut the total bill to $350. I wired an additional $30 to the Spanish company for their...Continue Reading