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Posted by Straight Up | Aug 02, 2008 @ 11:35 AM | 11,805 Views
My previous blog entry about Canadian flying gives details about flying my Passer-X Warmliner / powered glider. A few months ago after a great flying session from a local park (with due respect for the safety of others), a couple of mid-teen "kids" approached me. They had been watching it fly and asked to know more. I explained that it wasn't a toy, but a high performance glider. They were impressed with the way it flew, and were shocked at its size - they didn't realise it was "so big" until they got close!

One of them stepped forward, introducing himself as Nikhil, and explained he'd like to become an RC pilot. He had an "Airhog" plane back at home that was a total failure, so he hoped I could show him the right way. I was a bit sceptical, since I get a lot of these inquiries, but I promised to email him some further details. I also warned him that the cost would be a fair bit more than an Airhog - this was a relatively expensive hobby.

I emailed Nikhil a suggested set-up for a beginner - a Great Planes Fling 2m thermal glider, complete with 4-channel radio and hi-start. I had already flown the Fling HLG and knew that Flings were not only quick+easy to build, but excellent flyers. I explained that this aircraft would be relatively simple to control so he would progress quickly, but also offer challenging flight performance, and easy launching. It was about the cheapest set-up I could advise, so his financial risk was minimised....Continue Reading