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Posted by Straight Up | Aug 30, 2007 @ 02:01 PM | 11,077 Views
I built an E-Flite Brio 10 a few months ago, and was a little disappointed by the power train's performance (not a fault with the aircraft). The Hacker A30-16M motor was OK, but I ended up wringing every last watt out of it and even then I found myself reaching for more power (e.g. following a vertical snap sequence). Everything about my flying craves unlimited vertical, and not just chugging slowly, but a spirited zoom to altitude. The Hacker just couldn't deliver this, even at 36A / 360W. Don't get me wrong - it was good, and the vertical was unlimited, but it was slow and didn't look convincing. My ST90 [over]powered Extra 300 was much more convincing. I suspect that flying in 100+F temps didn't help - low air density, and additional major heat load for the electronics.

I've read about Brios being powered by E-Flite's Park 450 motor in a lightweight set-up, which I'm sure many would advocate, but I went the other way. An E-Flite Power 10 outrunner would have been a good start, but I thought "let's not do this by halves". I set about specifying a system that would deliver serious watts when called, which is exactly how I like to set-up my planes. I selected the Hextronic 35-42C 1000kV motor, which is rated to 600W, a Hobby-Wing Pentium 60 ESC, and a Hextronic 4S2P 2600mAh Lipo. I could have used a 4S1P battery, but the 2P option allowed me to assemble a pack that would fit the plane better (4S1P packs tend to be very long). I also installed a Corona Rx...Continue Reading