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Posted by Straight Up | Jul 07, 2007 @ 01:31 PM | 10,991 Views
Some pics of my RC life. I just wish I had some digi pics of my earlier models. One day....Continue Reading
Posted by Straight Up | Jul 06, 2007 @ 11:57 AM | 11,284 Views
I have been building and flying model aircraft since I was 4 years old, but I only got into R/C when I was 15. I flew control-liners in my younger years, and also free-flight gliders + rubber-power. This was a good grounding in building and flight principles.

Memorable Moment
I built a Veron Cardinal free-flighter when I was 14, using plans from a kit my dad had recently built. I powered it with a Cox Baby Bee 0.049, and it flew WELL. The motor was way too powerful, sending it in a vertical spiral to about 1500ft , then it began a slow circling glide. I lost it on its first outing, being unable to keep up despite running flat-out down-wind. Thankfully I put a return-to-sender message inside, and received the phone call soon after I got home. I later switched the motor to a Cox Pee Wee 0.020, only to lose it AGAIN . Another phone-call and another reward payment later, my folks agreed it would be cheaper to get RC gear.

Going RC
My first RC model was a Cosmo 25SR, shouder-wing trainer, powered by a Magnum 25 2-stroke. I had completed some stick-time on my instructor's Ugly Stick, which scared the heck out of me . The Cosmo was a good plane - very neutral to the controls, and taught me a lot. I got over-confident after a few weeks of training, and performed a loop at low altitude. I came out even lower - into the ground! . My instructor was not impressed, and even though the damage was minor, this set-back my learning a LONG way. I eventually went solo many...Continue Reading