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I just got back from a trip to Oklahoma City. While there I visited Mike's Models, owned and operated by Mike McMurtry and his well-known top-pilot son, Sean.

Sean McMurtry and I have worked together before at Knife Edge during a session of RealFlight physics tuning. He was really helpful in getting some bugs worked out of the flight model. So I stopped in for a visit to his shop and took some pictures. He's a great guy and a great pilot. I look forward to seeing what he has in store for the judges at the XFC event this next weekend. Make sure to tune in to our coverage here at RCGroups.

I go a lot of places for R/C but this was more of a social trip. I was in town for my sister's wedding.

She married a dentist, which is amazing. As a child she was so afraid of dentists that some of my most vivid childhood memories are of her trying to get out of a dental checkup. Yes, that's right. I don't remember my birthdays. I don't remember the first time I drove a car. I don't even remember my first kiss very well. But I definitely remember every routine dental checkup we had from 1975 to 1982, thanks to my sister.

She would hold onto the bannister, screaming, lock herself into the car in front of the dentist office, screaming, and even bite the dentist's finger, screaming. The screaming usually consisted of guttural things like "AUGAUUGH!!" or "NO!!!!" but occasionally she would manage a full sentence like "Take my brother instead!&...Continue Reading
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I'm making this for Mike Taylor's LRF Cook-up

Not sure it will F in a LR, but I will try it.
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I would like to introduce you guys our new item which is a small but very fast EP Boat. You can visit our site --- and watch the video!
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7 June, 2006
"If I have to explain it to you..."

I think that most people are fascinated by flight. At one time or another, we have all stopped to watch a plane as it made its final approach and subsequent landing. And who hasn't paused to watch an eagle aloft a ridgeline, riding on rising air?

Having said that, I think that while most are fascinated by flight, there are some of us that are experiencing something deeper. It's almost like the sitting next to a camp fire at night. For whatever reason, it is hard not to find yourself gazing into the flames as they leap from crackling logs. There is an attraction there. One that is not easily explained or understood. For some of us, no matter how many times we see something in flight, it feels like we're seeing it for the first time.

I think that the person that coined the term the "miracle of flight" was one of these people. To the author and to many of us, flight is somewhat a "miracle." At the least, it seems like magic. For me, flight is the only phenomenon that seems like it could not have existed. That is to say, the idea of floating through the air seems so far beyond any other phenomenon that it catches the imagination every time it is seen or experienced. As a result, it also seems like it could have never it was too good to be true. But it is.

For some of us, flight draws something inexplicable from our soul. Perhaps it is a longing to be free. Free from fences and boarders. And free from the trappings of our everyday lives. It is that rare opportunity to escape to a place that shouldn't exist at all, but does.

I've often heard people say, "If I have to explain it to you, then you wouldn't understand." Out of all that this statement could apply to, I can think of no other as great as the recurring cathartic feelings that arise from the phenomenon of flight.

I fly slope.

Posted by gliegler | Jun 07, 2006 @ 08:43 PM | 3,688 Views
Actually its an Mountain Models Magpie with many flights under its belt. I decided to put it back into service taking aerial photos
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Check out our website for color packing tapes, available in 8 colors. Cheapest on the web, so we are told by numerous r/c flyers!

You guys got me hooked!
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I repainted the ES. I got the idea from Patrick Plawner's page. The "fin" is removable via velcro.
Posted by Pheasant | Jun 07, 2006 @ 05:36 PM | 14,220 Views
Have spent the last couple of weeks prepping the GR7 for paint. It had a great paint job on it but was pretty beat up due to the previous damage. I had a feeling I'd regret it once I started stripping off paint but went ahead anyway. I also decided to replace the canopy, cockpit floor and pilot figure.

It's far from perfect but overall is an improvement. Might shoot some trim color on it one day but for now I like the all white.
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I originally started listing out the parts that I would need for an Easy Star ARF because I already had a radio:

After going through that process (which was good for me so I could learn) I found out that they just recently came out with an Easy Star RR (Receiver Ready). I decided to purchase the RR version because it saved me even more money from my very tight budget.

My EasyStar RR is scheduled to be here tomorrow! I will start a thread on the RR as soon as I get it, so everyone can see how the Easy Star RR compares to the ARF and the RTF.
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I have recently had the pleasure to meet 2 members in person as they traveled by my place of business. Greg McNair was the first one. We had even split an order of Depron without even meeting in person. Then I got him on board to be a Superfly demo team member. and we met, exchanged foam and have been talking frequently since that time. He lives near me and has kids similar ages to mine.
The yesterday, Imopar69 PM'd me that he was on the way to Birmingham from Ft. Rucker Alabama and to give him a call. He and his family stopped by on the way and I got to meet them all. Such nice people and we all had something in common.
Greg has a HoverDisc we talk about all the time. Imopar has a mini BOP that I recently order one of thanks to him showing me the video of his going about 100 mph. He brought his with him just to make me jealous I'm sure.

These two guys are the most recent. Hippo and Vyceroy and I met for the first time at the SEEF and I talk with them on a regular basis now. WarrEagle from south Alabama invited me to a night fly in his area on the 17th and if I can go, I will. Would like to meet him as well. RCGroups has been like another family to me and I really enjoy being a part of it. I only hope that I can be as helpful and considerate as the folks who have joined and posted before me have been.

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6 June, 2006
"When Planes Go Out To Sea"

So, I got to thinking more about my days flying with John at Ellwood those many years ago. Remember John? He was the anal retentive slope pilot who while never took risks in the flying department, built these "perfect" kit planes that were always trimmed to perfection.

Anyway, John and I met early at Ellwood. This was back in the day before we dedicated ourselves to strictly building slope planes. All we had with us were a couple of 72" floaters designed more for thermals than they were for slope soaring. We were still in that phase where the magic of staying aloft as long as your batteries lasted was somehow still a miracle to us. We had been used to the 'ol hi-start, three minute flights and back to the hi-start again looking for those elusive thermals.

I believe that John brought out a perfectly built Oly 650. I remember it was finished in green transparent Monokote with white trim...not a wrinkle to be had on the entire plane. I brought out my Segitta 600...somewhat heavier and not nearly as pristine as John's offering.

The wind was a gentle 12-15 mph coming directly on shore and neither one of us could wait to get or ships in the air. John, being somewhat more anxious to get in the air than I, picked up his plane, turned his radio on and threw that beautiful green and white Oly straight off the cliff.

Meanwhile I was turning my radio and plane on getting ready to follow him out when I...Continue Reading
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Bloggy-McBlogerson...Man, Ive been so busy with work that I dont really appreciate the flying on the weekends anymore...
Last weekend I flew my Mach Dart, My destiny, and my Shredder. Man, that Shredder is a great flying plane. Big, carving lines that dont seem to lose any energy. I had a bit of an accident on landing; I slid juuust too far on the janding, almost did a touch-and-go, but blew over at the edge and cracked the tailboom. Soaked it with CA, bondo'd, and painted it.

Got in some amazing thermal action with the Mach Dart at Four Corners on Sunday. Screaming dives and passes, and some gargantuan loops followed.

Since I'm on this twist-wing-thing lately, I PM'd Oronator who had some Contender plans, and managed to work a deal for the Woody Contender plans. I've been looking for these plans for over two years. Cant wait to build/fly it.
Oran also threw in two sets of CRTurbo fuse kits, which is awesome, since I have a set of wings and actuators for the Turbo left over. My old Turbo-S was a great flying little plane at a mere 14 ounces. I'd love to build another for the convenience of a 54" wingeron that flies in next to no wind. It was a fun plane that didnt last too long in my hands...I was a little early in the learning curve, I think I bought it in 1996?

Planes under construction right now are the Higgins F-20, Jart,Higgins R-3, and a ground up rebuild of a AeroMod "MiraJ" that Steve Situm donated to wet my F3F appetite. Heavily crashed, but totally rebuildable with a set of joiners and some TLC. Oh, and a K&A Mini-1 that Ive been building since 1997 too. man, am I the worlds slowest builder or WHAT?
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Hey, I thought I would start off my blog with a little carnage...

I think I had a boom strike

Below the waves

Posted by alligator | Jun 06, 2006 @ 08:57 PM | 5,787 Views
Running strong above and below for over two hours.
Posted by alligator | Jun 06, 2006 @ 08:00 PM | 5,546 Views
Patrolling above and beneath the waves at the local watering hole.
Posted by MikeBiv | Jun 06, 2006 @ 07:39 PM | 7,703 Views
Thanks Guys!
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The vertical dowels are 16"
The horizontal dowels are 8"
OR 2 pcs. 1/4" dowels @ 24" long
The blocks are 3/4" x 1-1/2" x 12" OR 1x2-2'
The tips are from closetmaid shelving kit.
Cost ??? About $3