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Posted by kneesaknockin | Nov 01, 2019 @ 08:55 PM | 3,109 Views
Years ago, way before the Quad, drone, multi-rotor or UAV what ever you wish to call it. Back then they weren't even dreamed of. The AMA(Academy of Model Aeronautics) was the CBO(Club Based Organization) main organizational body. Known mostly for their AMA Magazine, Clubs, Sanctioned Fields, Sanctioned Events and Accident Insurance. Where only AMA card caring pilots could fly, usually with a nominal fee. I enjoy watching others fly at these Sanctioned Events. Like the Big Boys, or the Big Money Flyers. I, personally, don't like flying with a lot of spectators. Nor, with a lot of aircraft in the air at once. Makes me nervous. Now, back in the day, friends of mine would gather at fields around my state. Camping and having fun, enjoying each others company. And getting to fly at some awesome flying sites. Now, these were mostly fixed wing flying sites, some would allow helicopters. To my amazement, some sites were strictly 'Fixed Wing', some wouldn't allow 3D and others, anything goes. It just depended on the Club.

Now, today, with the advent of the Quad, I will call it. Everything has changed, everything. Along with the progress of technology and the Smart phone, things have changed tremendously. Here lies the problem, tech is moving faster than bureaucracy. Many like my brother(techies) bought drones like the DJI Phantom to advance their repertoire. He can't fly it, it pretty much flies itself, along with the smart phone, he just toggles the buttons and...Continue Reading