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Posted by ballistrc | Oct 07, 2020 @ 10:15 AM | 1,530 Views
Today I decided to start a blog here. Over the past few days I managed to modify a jumper R1 to work with uninverted S.port to a Noxe V1 F4. After a bit of investigation I saw a few ppl on this site had tried but failed to modify/connect the rx correctly.
The problem with this receive is that the uninverted point is driven by a c04 inverter. 1 Option would be to replace the C04 with a C05 and a pull up resistor. The easier option is to remove both C04 inverters and place a jumper between pin 2 and pin 5 on pads of both removed C04s.
I've attached a pic of the mods. It is pretty messy due to PCB damage but you should get the idea