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Posted by Yazz | Jan 09, 2015 @ 02:57 PM | 14,190 Views
VisionAire: Stock setups

I posted stock setting for the Vision Aire at the beginning of Jan on the Horizon Hobby Web page but my answer was never approved to show up. Not sure why? Maybe these are a secret or they different depending on how sloppy the servos they put in yours..lol

My new VisionAire had these stock settings programmed in. If you have any slop in the servo with these you'll get flutter in 3D mode at 1/4 to full throttle depending on how much slop.

With a tight servos, a balanced prop and receiver that's not loose, I have flown full power on ocation without flutter 100s of times but only in quick bursts. Some planes can and some can't fly 1/2 throttle without oscillation. it's a mystery as why. So you may have to adjust it a bit. Cutting aileron and elevator 20% is fine for me flying more tight in field fun fly type flying. 3D might be a tad harder but it really only comes with hours and hours of stick time in the air or on the simulator.

To get into programming mode of this RX (mode 2).

1) Power on transmitter
2) Select 3D mode with gear switch
3) Place throttle at half stick and leave there until done programming/viewing ( lowering it back down will save and get out of programming mode)
4)Move right stick to full up elevator and full right aileron and hold.
5)Power on RX and wait 5 seconds before releasing right stick. The rx will be just amber at first and then ailerons servo will go full right and elevator will go up and 2 out the...Continue Reading