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Posted by DragonFly711 | Mar 24, 2018 @ 09:52 PM | 3,160 Views
My original green Tundra finally bit the dust last weekend. Completely my fault . Decided to try out the Leopard 1080kv motor on 4S power which I had installed several days before.

First mistake, too antsy to test the motor on a day that the wind was blowing way too hard. At least 15 mph with higher gusts. Wouldn't have been a problem but then second mistake was making a high speed turn with the wind at it's underside way too close to the ground. If I'd been at least a mistake high, I believe I could have recovered. Once the upper wing came past straight up and down, it just turned itself into the ground. Motor survived as the ground was soft but it broke the propeller. Wings and landing gear plus the canopy flew off at impact. Landing gear and struts all in good condition so I'll use them on the new build.

Fuselage pretty much destroyed, at least the front of it is. The rudder and elevator survived and the wings could be cannabilized if needed. I've got a new fuse, wing set, canopy and cowl to build another one. Only needing an elevator set if I can find one. Could use the ones that came off the wreck but may wait and see if I can find a new one.

Most new parts are from the red and blue version, fuse , canopy and cowl. Wings are new but from the orange and black version. Doesn't matter, it'll fly whatever color it is. Will go back with the 4S system and new metal geared servos on the rudder and elevator.

When I get around to putting together...Continue Reading