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Posted by RV4flyr | Apr 14, 2015 @ 01:33 PM | 4,350 Views
After a few weeks (really months off & on) in my basement, my 4M F5J Euphoria flys.
We had a nice warm spring day in Southern Ontario (Canada) last Sunday so I could not resist to take it outside for a maiden. After a couple of hand throws to check trim it was the 1st powered launch.
No roll or rudder trim seemed required, only about 5-6 pitch up clicks on my Spektrum transmitter (DX18) to maintain flight with motor off.
I am not an experienced glider pilot, certainly not this size, but I am impressed with what a great flyer it is. Some who have allot more experience than myself said..."wait to you fly it..."..it flies like it is on rails..."all true!!
It is very stable & efficient in the air and has unbelievable hang. Experienced some weak thermals but managed a 15 min. + flight with 1 motor run upwind to approx. 100m. Thermal turns with 4mm camber seem easy to maintain, once turn is initiated very little input is necessary to maintain a consistent turn. Speed mode with 3 mm up camber seems to provide good upwind speed with what appears to be minimum altitude loss.
Landings are stable with the good flap area (up to 80 degrees achieved) for controlled descent. My Neu 1105/P6.7 is very quiet under power taking it efficiently up (45 degree seems effortless) to seek thermals.
Overall I am very impressed & can't wait to fly it again.
Posted by RV4flyr | Jan 03, 2015 @ 10:37 AM | 4,184 Views
I have made progress on the wing setup and servo installation.
I am using KST 135 on the Ailerons and KST 125's on the Flaps.

The supplied control horns were bonded into the slotted spar of the control surfaces with a mixture of micro-balloons and epoxy .

The servo plywood plates are bonded in as well with micro & epoxy. location of the servos was achieved using common methods, control throw/pushrod aligned perpendicular to control hinge line.

For record I have included some dimensions of the servo horn and push-rods lengths I achieved;

Aileron servos horns were drilled at approx 10.1 mm (servo horn throw) to 1.5 mm dia. to accept the Euphoria builder supplied clevis pins. This 10.1 mm horn hole location seems to be the stock hole on the KST supplied nylon horns.
Flap horn pivot at approx 12.6 mm (a stock KST horn hole).
The balance of the horn have to be cut off to clear the bottom skin and servo covers.

The push-rod lengths I achieved are approx. ;
71.5 mm for Aileron,
81.5 mm for Flap,
This gives me plenty of Aileron travel approx. 20+ mm up, 15 mm down.
and approx 75 degrees down for the flap, although I was aiming for closer to 80-85 degrees (which most build I have seen aim for).

I also had to carefully make a radius clearance hole for control rod in wing rear shear web, both at Aileron and Flap (I did not want to do this for structural reasons but from my research on Xplorer builds and others etc) this seems typical to achieve control pushrod movement clearances.
Posted by RV4flyr | Dec 21, 2014 @ 09:13 PM | 4,991 Views
I am new to build logs and blogging, so bare with me please.
I hope to post some key steps and pics of my E-Euphoria Build;
Neu 1105/2.5Y/6.7
RFM 17x10 Prop.
Castle 75 Lite ESC with 5A BEC.
MKS 6100 - Rudder & Elevator
KST125 - Flaps
KST135 - Ailerons
1300 MAh 3S 70C Thunder Power Battery.
Spektrum 9310 with satellite.