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Posted by Up&Away | Dec 02, 2014 @ 11:17 AM | 57,087 Views
My first glass slipper! Well technically, my second. My first new glass slipper then.
My first one was a very nice second hand Jaro Muller F5J glider, which I dorked on the second flight, because I thought the guy who soldered the BESC and ESC knew what he was doing. And because I ignored the fact that during pre-flight I had to plug and un-plug the battery a few times for the ESC to give the proper signal.
Water under the bridge.

A while ago I tried to compete in a friendly slope soar event. During a quick pre-race flight I landed my Speedo hard in the sand, and the fuse broke in two places. That left me with a 8 year old WeaselPro to compete. Suffice to say my times were not very good. Consistent, but not very good. The seed was sown. I now wanted a “proper” full house sloper. (The Speedo mishap was partly due to the lack of landing speed control with a 4Ch Rx)

Gliders were compared, prices were compared. And in the end I decided that, for me, the current best available and best price, was the Typhoon of RCRCM.

Two hangar queens were sold, plus the “leftovers” of the Jaro Muller glider, and I had enough funds in my hands to put an order in.

Two weeks later:

Can’t complain about the way they packed and boxed her.

Suit included.
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