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Posted by AL Porter | Today @ 07:26 AM | 11 Views
I decided to build the Ryan STA Special that has been in a box for 48 years....Continue Reading
Posted by codersilver | Today @ 05:46 AM | 75 Views
A short presentation of the capabilities of a 6 wheeled robot with an arm with 4 degrees of freedom.

6WD all terrain robot with 4 DOF manipulator in action (2 min 16 sec)

6WD all terrain robot - grasping and moving an objects in rough terrain (4 min 25 sec)
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Posted by GBLynden | Today @ 05:15 AM | 85 Views
This is my maiden flight video with the new Freewing Lippisch P.15:

Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet Maiden Flight (3 min 48 sec)

Here are the Pros and Cons for this German Concept Jet EDF Flying Wing:

- Nice long flight times for an EDF Jet
- It looks amazing
- This is a rare RC Model
- Very stable
- Has a wide flight envelope

- A pilot figure would have been great
Posted by lepiere | Today @ 05:13 AM | 89 Views
Guys, I'm pleased to announce a Dronelander Youtube Channel (https://goo.gl/AUOHNp) WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY sponsored by RC Moment starting from 26th of March to 08th of April.

Simple rules once giveaway video will be published:


Winner will be chosen from a random comment machine and price (VISUO XS809HW FOLDABLE QUADCOPTER) will be directly shipped to your door by RCMoment.com

GOOD LUCK to everyone
Posted by lyxlens | Today @ 02:59 AM | 138 Views
4.35mm Red NDVI Lens Mapping M12 for Agriculture Industry for DJI Phantom 3/4 3DR Solo

NDVI is the most common vegetation index, and is used to detect live, green, or photosynthetic capacity of plant canopies in multispectral remote sensing data. It is one of the most successful indices to quickly identify vegetated areas and their condition. This index can be used to analyze crops in all growth stages.

Model: LYX4.35 red
F NO.:2.85%
Focal Length: 4.35mm5%
Optical Back Focal: 8.13 0.1
Flange back Focal Length: 7.68 0.1
Image Circle: Φ7.9 ( 1/2.3" ) Max Φ9 ( 1/1.8" )
Lens Structure: 13 Elements, All Glasses
Mount: M12*0.5
Barrel Material: All Metal
FOV: 1/2.3" (H*V*D) 72* 54*90
Distortion: 〈4%
CRA: 〈12.5
Resolution: more than 300 line pairs/mm
Operating temperature: -20C ~ +85C
HSF & Safety: ROHS

Online store link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4K-R...838123485.html
Posted by cuavlindy | Today @ 02:20 AM | 146 Views
Product summary

The pw-link data transmission module is divided into built-in antenna and external antenna version. The built-in antenna version is only suitable for pix flight control near distance and regulate the use of the calibration parameters, and the external antenna version after a number of practical test and reasonable transmission distance is 450 meters. The use of computer mission planner ground station for a long time the connection test, average stability data the transmission signal is maintained at more than 90%. Because of its small size, long transmission distance, stable data, convenient connection characteristics, very suitable for small UAV data receiving several hundred metres.
PW-Link The whole communication mode is as follows:


Posted by ariaAQ | Today @ 01:11 AM | 206 Views
Hello, this is my 2nd test.

Long test... to make it close to the real flight situation..

Bernoulli 3515 500kv - 2nd Test 6S with 1248 & 1447 (16 min 51 sec)

- 800m above sea level
- Two different propellers, CF-1248 and CF-1447.
- Fully charged batteries, 2x3S 1100mAh 25C in series, Quadcopter ≈ 6S 4400mAh 25C ≈ 6S 8800mAh 12C
- Reversed test, max PWM first just want to know about the max thrust with fully charged battery.
- Throttle position between 40-75% to simulate in flight situation.

to be continued..
Posted by demondriver | Yesterday @ 10:11 PM | 267 Views
Painting My New 3 RC 737 Airplanes! (18 min 23 sec)

I'm Now Starting the all important process of Painting the liveries of my three new Hand-made scratch-built RC 737's.

I'm adding the Norwegian Livery to my 737 Max 7
The Classic Mohican ANA Livery to my 737-200
And Siam Air Transport Livery to my 737-300

Posted by iceeman32y | Yesterday @ 08:29 PM | 317 Views
When you are hopelessly hooked on the rc hobby and you loose your job of 43 years due to failed back surgery and your income drops by 75 % you have to get creative to stay in the hobby. Thanks to people who care i was able to start a mobile hobby shop and Face book store called Born Again Rc Airplanes. I make enough to keep a few planes i can call my own. So i thank GOD i can still fly. So if you wonder why i am selling a plane it is so i can keep doing the hobby i love. I caint imagine not flying. Like i tell newbies its the only hobby where you need sunscreen for your teeth. Cause your always lookin up. Cheers.
Posted by elan | Yesterday @ 08:01 PM | 340 Views
I have a slight tail-kick that occurs only in the wind, and through some research I've found it reported that reducing the "I" tail gain on the model's FBL unit, from the stock 100 setting to 90, has cured this issue for some folks.

Changing the tail "I" gain settings on the B130s was pretty easy. I turned on the TX (in my case a DX7s), flipped on Throttle Hold, then mounted and plugged the lipo into the B130s. After it initialized I held both sticks in the lower right hand position and pushed the bind button in.When the servos moved I released the sticks and bind button. This put the model into gain setting mode. I rolled the thumb wheel on my dx7s to the right until the telemetry screen appeared on the tx and then to the right once more until the flight log appeared. I moved the cyclic stick to the right until parameter #6 appeared (this is tail "I" gain). Then I moved the cyclic stick down to reduce the gain from 100 to 90. The gain-setting line for this parameter is "B." To save the settings I pushed the bind button in again until the servos moved. The directions were in the manual and seemed to work great...

I then flew a couple of packs in a 7mph breeze. It was sunny and 28degrees F. Reducing the Tail Gain "I" from 100 to 90 seems to have done the trick with the tail kick. Of course I need to put more packs through it to be certain, but I'm pretty sure the tail hold in the wind is improved...
Posted by kydawg1 | Yesterday @ 05:51 PM | 416 Views
Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 02:58 PM | 488 Views
Mule and the Cub.
Posted by unrauv | Yesterday @ 01:40 PM | 511 Views
Hi All

Work in progress...

Vincent Unrau
All plans are free
Posted by coldblood808 | Yesterday @ 12:50 PM | 558 Views
Okay, this is what to do with a brass knurled nut and two matching socket head screws........ Make a compact tubing bender for 1/8" soft brass tubes. Made bending the tubes for fuel tanks so much easier.
Posted by allenp3 | Yesterday @ 11:21 AM | 579 Views
I received and installed the Dragon Link Nano receiver in my quad. This enables basically unlimited range, which is unnecessary on a small race style quad, but it ensures that I should never get drop outs when I'm flying around obstacles, or if I do feel like pushing it out just for fun.

I got some flights in after the installation. Since I'm new to quad flying, it is very difficult for me to fly in a tight area like in these videos. I need a lot of practice to gain some confidence for getting closer to obstacles. I find it really easy to get going too fast, which is why I crashed in the first video. I also noticed that the video performance was quite bad. A higher gain receiver antenna will definitely help in the future.

Mojo - Crash in Tree Branch 17Mar2018 (1 of 4) (4 min 15 sec)

Mojo - Accidental Landing in Snow 17Mar2018 (2 of 4) (6 min 19 sec)
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Posted by KatrinaRosen | Yesterday @ 10:47 AM | 584 Views
The FAA has released the newest Aerospace Forecast, and there is no surprise that major growth is predicted for the drone industry. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems section of the Forecast reflects both concerns and optimism for the sector. The FAA says that while robust growth in the sector and the introduction of UAS into the NAS has opened up numerous possibilities, it has also created unique operational challenges. Despite these challenges, the UAS sector holds enormous potential, with commercial applications ranging from aerial photography to package delivery.