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Posted by jhohensee | Aug 17, 2020 @ 07:44 PM | 4,651 Views
These are pictures of my TopSky Viper. It has Hyperion DS09AMD digital servos in the wing and Arrowind AWD-3065 digital servos in the fuselage. It features a switch jack for easy charging of the included NiMH flight pack and radio on/off control of the Spektrum AR-6255 carbon fuse receiver. The battery has been cycled and it lasts over 2.3 hours at 100mAH discharge rate. A 4-pin Deanís plug makes for a reliable connection to the wing servos.

The tail surfaces were both replaced with new after the first few seasons and are in nice shape. The wing has been broken and repaired. There was a weak point at the aileron cutouts, which has been beefed up with unidirectional carbon. The fuselage broke a couple inches behind the wing. It was repaired with unidirectional carbon and, as you can see in the pictures is quite straight.

I'm asking $225 for this glider. The 6-channel, carbon fuse receiver can be left in the model for an additional $25. I prefer PayPal and buyer pays shipping costs. Let me know if you have any questions.

Posted by jhohensee | Jul 24, 2018 @ 06:45 PM | 2,648 Views
Here are the pictures of my Stobel. I replaced the stock tails with a set of Swindel's, which were $125. This was the hot setup for these ships. I always liked the peg at the very tip of the wing on my Blaster, so I replaced the launch peg with a T-blade.

It has factory installed Hyperion DS09 servos in the wing and RDS aileron actuation. You'll see the the left wing was opened. This was to repair the RDS system in that panel. It has Dymond D47's in the fuse. It has at least a 900ma 1s LiPo in the nose that probably only has 1 or 2 dozen flights on it. Also included are factory wing bags. They're a little rough, but still protect the wing.

I'm asking $300 for this Stobel. There is a Spektrum 6 channel carbon fuse RX, which can be left in for an additional $25. I prefer PayPal and buyer pays shipping costs.

Let me know if you have other questions.