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Hi there I want to share my latest project ,a Lada Niva 1/10 scale ,the body was purchased almost two years ago in Ruse,Bulgaria and has been stocked for about two years until I started work on it about two mounths ago, pictures describe it but I want to share what I used on it, first ,paint : Tamiya and Spax Stix, painted from inside (white) colors stripes made from outside, decals :Tamiya ,Parma and Autographics, the two stickers on doors(Lada Niva logo viking ship) was made by me using Testor oil markers, drivers set :Tamiya and painted with Sharpie markers, scale ascesories bought on many online stores mostly eBay and weathered using Tamiya weathering master, sand, light sand and mud, the snorkel exhaust was weathered using stain from my car exhaust and all the masking tape used was from Tamiya, Walmart and local news paper, the Dakar logo on roof made by hand using my own stencils, the theme for this car was Dakar race and inspired in the 80's ,the body is mounted in a FTX Outback Tundra (Land Cruiser) but I'd removed the ESC /Receiver and fit a 60 Amp water proof Hobbywing ESC and at this time a HobbyKing 2ch tx-...Continue Reading
Posted by Kmot | Jul 15, 2018 @ 08:29 PM | 16,548 Views
I store my lipo batteries in my BBQ. I figure if it can hold hot coals, it could contain a lipo fire.

Anyway, it has been a mess and unorganized for too long. And many I knew were no good anymore. Some dated back to 2009. So I went through them today, picked out several that I did not want to keep and took them to the recycling center.

It looks a lot better now. Hopefully I can keep on top of it, lol...

Posted by UpNup | Jul 15, 2018 @ 07:37 PM | 3,341 Views
Developed a cockpit for my Long EZ ARF 46 by Nitroplanes. I plan to convert the plane to electric so left room beneath the floor for lipo and electronics.

The ARF came with a flimsy plastic sheet with bumps depicting controls and seat. My mod included 1/32” balsa sheets. Everything is in two pieces. There is a cross ply former that I didn’t want to destroy. This shoved the front seat much further frontward. The seat backs are hollow and slide down over the crossbeams. The floor is 1 1/8” below the sides.

The canopy on the Long EZ is very large. The plans call for mounting it in the corners with four screws. Because I need to change out lipos, the canopy needs to be removed and replaced with ease. I used six pairs of 5/16” diameter rare earth magnets. I made balsa supports that sit on the sides. I sunk a magnet into each one. Then I matched up the canopy and marked where the canopy magnets went. They sunk into the magnet holders on the fuse. This took some fiddling. I used 5 min epoxy on the canopy magnets.

To test the strength I blasted the fuse and canopy with a leaf blower. My anemometer only measures up to 27 mph, but I had a variable speed control on the leaf blower and at least doubled the wind. The canopy held fast....Continue Reading
Posted by Gravythe Clown | Jul 15, 2018 @ 07:33 PM | 3,360 Views
Here is my setup off my X12S for my V-22 from Banana Hobby.
Posted by rcflyer7824 | Jul 15, 2018 @ 07:33 PM | 2,345 Views
I am looking to get an upgrade from my DX6i and do not want to spend more than $200. what would be a good upgrade with more functionality?
Posted by Bob McGowan | Jul 15, 2018 @ 06:01 PM | 3,137 Views
Finding the lift

Let’s first talk about how to find the lift. First and foremost you look for obvious signs (planes, birds, spider webs, dust devils) as these can all be signs of rising air. Keep your home field advantage knowledge in mind as you consider most likely places and plan a search pattern. I find this especially key in selecting what part of the field I want to be over for my last ditch effort as I am getting low. Plan ahead for that, your emergency exit. For me that place is usually slightly down wind of me so I can read wind shifts. If available, it will also be an area that takes advantage of the terrain or a tree line which may kick off thermals like a slope. If a thermal trip is not available, be over or down wind of a surface or area more likely to generate thermals. Before you launch always have a plan-A search area in mind and then a backup plan-B if that does not work. If neither work you need be at that last ditch effort place before you hit the ground.

Knowing where the sink is by watching the various signs is almost as valuable as knowing where it is because you will obviously be avoiding those areas as you search. Your timer should be telling you about any clues he detects as well as the obvious things such as where people are going up and where people are sinking. It may be wise to adjust your search plan in flight based on what he is telling you. Most importantly, never cover the same ground twice and keep your plane moving at a...Continue Reading
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I've been testing props on the Hawk 5 vids from each prop coming soon.

First up: HQ 5.1x4.6x3, absolutely love these props on the Hawk 5. No tuning needed they felt great, even better than stock and so far the best prop I've tried on this rig. With other props I always kept going back to the stock Avan Flows but now I'm sticking with this one.
Emax Hawk 5 Prop Testing with HQ 5.1x4.6x3 (2 min 20 sec)

Posted by Bill M - RC | Jul 15, 2018 @ 02:19 PM | 2,382 Views
Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

ISDT T6 Lite 600W 25A Smart Battery Balance charger review. This ISDT battery charger review includes a comparison battery charging test with an Imax B6 mini charger and shows some useful accessories for this too.

Get this ISDT T6 600W 25A Smart Battery Balance Charger here:

Get the ISDT T6 BattGo 780W 35A Smart Battery Balance Charger here:

ISDT T6 Lite 600W 25A Smart Battery Balance charger review (16 min 17 sec)

Posted by Deserteagle | Jul 15, 2018 @ 02:12 PM | 43,882 Views
This was surprisingly good and flew very nice! I was shocked by it and didn't even think it would fly. It had an HD camera that links to a phone with wifi for fpv flying. For $70 it's really good and includes everything.

Eachine E32HW Shocking... no Seriously! (16 min 7 sec)

Posted by Thomasharris1 | Jul 15, 2018 @ 12:54 PM | 1,329 Views
I am looking to buy a electric 1/5th scale fg sportline. Comes with a 2s battery and I want to use a 4s battery. Will I have to change esc or just up grade battery?
Posted by FPV.Model | Jul 15, 2018 @ 12:13 PM | 2,354 Views
Congratulations to France for winning the World Cup!!️

What a game! As promised, you can now use the coupon code

"worldcupfpv" and save 30% OFF site-wide on Fpvmodel EU SITE:

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#worldcup #France #fpvmodel

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The 2015 SC10.2 FT was purchased when news of the RC10SC5M was being released and hobby shops were dumping their supply of SC10.2 kits. The SC10.2 sat in the mancave for a long time while I bashed away with it's older SC10 FT sibbling. I've always associated red white, and blue with Team Associated. I went with a simple design so I could get the body done quickly.
Posted by RustyUs | Jul 15, 2018 @ 08:49 AM | 2,680 Views
My long time "shelf queen" Team Associated RC10T4.2 FT with newly painted JConcepts Finnisher body. The T4.2 was sitting in my mancave for a couple of years after a few initial runs. I had an old DTX Evader EXT body on the chassis just to have a body to keep the dust out. Now it's time to take the stadium truck out once again...and with proper body .

Axle Pin Size: Diameter 1.85mm x Length 9.5mm
Posted by thijs slotman | Jul 15, 2018 @ 06:05 AM | 11,728 Views
i got so lucky here lol!
my first dive attempt almost went wrong! (5 min 40 sec)

Posted by Tazkiller85 | Jul 15, 2018 @ 04:56 AM | 2,144 Views
Yep Les Amis,
C'est CLAIR, NETTE, PRECIS et CONFORTABLE (Partie 2 ) !!! Voilà qui résume parfaitement la sensation que l'on a lorsque l'on essaye ce nouveau masque FPV, le FXT VIPER . Novateur et très bien pensé, ce masque permet tout d'abord de pouvoir garder ses lunettes de vue pour piloter en immersion, c'est déjà ENNORME ! En plus de ça il propose pas mal d'autres avantages, que ce soit dans l'ergonomie ou les options de menu de son écran, le FXT Viper devance largement ses concurents et en ce qui me concerne me fera peut être ranger mes Fat Shark Attitude V4... En tout cas le VRD2 PRO ou le Goggle Two sont largement dépassés et obsolètes comparés à lui . Les images sont NETTES et PURES, et pour l'avoir testé avec plusieurs caméras (4/3 et 16/9 ) de différentes qualités, je peux vous assurer qu'aucun de mes autres recepteur n'est aussi propre que celui là . Je porte des lunettes mais je ne suis pas le seul à penser du bien de cet appareil, ma fille, ma femme et quelques amis (dont Yacine) ont pu le tester et TOUS sont unanimes : "c'est confortable et les images sont nettes ! "
Pour résumer, voici un "MUST HAVE" dans la famille des masques FPV !

FXT VIPER The MUST HAVE des Masques FPV ! Test Démo Avis ... C'est confirmé !!! (20 min 9 sec)

NOTATAZ : 19/20 Excellent rapport qualité prix !

NIVEAU : Débutants et Confirmés
Les + : Confortable, Multiple utilisations, Compatible LUNETTES de vue, Image Très claire et pré...Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Jul 15, 2018 @ 04:48 AM | 6,598 Views
Finally had a go with Freecad's anaglyph feature. It's the 1st time the lion kingdom had anaglyph support in a modeling program. Maya couldn't do it, 15 years ago.