Posted by LemonC | Feb 22, 2017 @ 03:24 PM | 10,603 Views
So much fun!

Two small bits were soldered on. cam and lead to use Tattu's style of connector, which i chopped from 6 battery charge harness. I had to reattach the wire to the actual connector bc of the odd angle that was required to nicely mount the battery with minimal wire. i used some shrink wrap to keep the connector a bit more protected.

Made some careful cuts to the battery tray to easily fit Tattu 220mah 1s 45c lipo's. I might eventually add a rubber band, but everything is pretty snug without one. i can still use the stock battery - original connector is still on the board, and the battery can still fit in the battery tray of course.
...Continue Reading
Posted by Xpress.. | Feb 22, 2017 @ 03:00 PM | 40,498 Views
My main passion is RC airplanes, namely giant scale, but sometimes it's just not possible to go flying due to inclement weather conditions. Flying weekend after weekend can also burn you out so sometimes I like to take a break and change things up for a bit. Bi-monthly desert trips have helped out but one thing I always have enjoyed doing is RC cars. It started probably 15 years ago, not long after I started flying airplanes, with an XTM Xcellerator Nitro RTR from Hobby People. I drove the snot out of that car but eventually wound up selling it as I kept breaking turnbuckles. Upgraded to an XTM Xterminator RTR, not sure which version I had exactly but I know that it came with all of the upgraded parts on it and the 'big cooling head' on the XTM 24.7 engine. At some point I acquired an XTM Mammoth off of a flying buddy, he bought the truck to use for spare parts but the truck was all there in a box, I took it home and re-assembled it in a handful of hours. I still have that truck to this day and will have it running again in short order.

Fast forward to a handful of months ago last year, I got bit by the RC car bug again. I won a Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5R in a company giveaway which unfortunately had a locked up engine. I thought for sure the engine was a goner but my coworker suggested I take it all apart and soak it in nitro fuel overnight to see if that will free it up. That did the trick as the next day I was able to free up the stuck crank and she was spinning freely again....Continue Reading
Posted by tailskid2 | Feb 22, 2017 @ 01:34 PM | 13,723 Views
My buddy had a flame out just as he passed the end of the runway on take off and did a pancake into the rough stuff. So he purchased another wing and here it is getting it's glitter and stuff....
Posted by KRProton | Feb 22, 2017 @ 01:30 PM | 9,157 Views
Some of my friends and family were wanting to keep up with my trip and activities for the Q40 Classic in Phoenix, Az. This is the world's largest pylon race limited to 88 competitors. I hadn't thought about it, but this is as big a deal as my F5D World Championship endeavors, but not traveling internationally, but with many more competitors.

I have little to report so far other than I shipped my three planes last week and will retrieve them at the FedEx/Kinko's Print & Ship when we arrive.

We were socked-in due to fog in Champaign, so had to get a later flight to Phoenix out of O'Hare. Hopefully I can still make it to the flying site in time to get my planes inspected. If not I'll catch it first thing tomorrow.
Posted by FPV.Model | Feb 22, 2017 @ 11:25 AM | 7,057 Views
Still in the stage of internal test, but I think some of you may be interested in these full carbon fiber quads: The Ninja 210 from
Posted by mike_kelly | Feb 22, 2017 @ 11:24 AM | 30,063 Views
A lot of people like to use retractable landing gear to get it out of view of the camera while flying, even though it does add weight to your aircraft.

In the simplest case, the landing gear is retracted using small motors turning a screw shaft. It responds to a standard PWM signal from your transmitter. You can test it with a servo tester to see what PWM value causes the change from retracted to extended. Let's say the value is 1500. You set up a switch on your transmitter to be 1100 in one position and 1700 in the other. This way the extend setting is clearly below 1500 and the retract position is solidly above 1500. Flip the switch and your landing gear (retracts) goes down, flip it the other way and it goes up.

Because the retracts have motors that pull a lot of current you can't power them from the flight controller. You need to power them with their own BEC. But different brands of retracts use different voltages, anywhere from 5v to 20v, so check what yours need.

Some retracts use a "smart" controller. The retracts will not operate directly from a PWM signal. You need to connect the controller to the PWM signal and the retracts to the controller. These smart controllers can do things like automatically extend the landing gear if the aircraft loses the transmitter signal.

To connect your transmitter switch to your retracts use the SERVOx parameter. If say your transmitter switch is on channel 7 and you connect the retracts to aux2, you would set...Continue Reading
Posted by ci3jk4 | Feb 22, 2017 @ 08:45 AM | 9,988 Views

Some time ago I have bought an ExpertRC RF Power Meter and would like to share with you since its great!
This is an opensource project started in Russia by a guy called Redsonic.
At the very beginning I would like to thank him for his work on developing this.
The video review can be found here (ENGLISH SUBTITLES):
Alternatywa dla ImmersionRC - ExpertRC Opensource RF Power Meter! (7 min 55 sec)

In the box we will get the RF Power Meter, coax cable, 30db attuenator and 2 SMA adapters.

1. As you can see from the review the device isnt a professional/lab unit and sometimes the readings are a little off.
Then again with the ImmersionRC power meters it was exactly the same (and immersion costs 3 times more...)

Besides that this device has more modes:
2. Its a helping hand in tuning your DIY antenas - the same like ImmersionRC, this mode, for me is not finished and more of a fun perk, than and actual help.
3. The device can work as a vtx finder. - this one is straight out amazing - as lond as your VTX is working you have a really good chance of finding your aircraft.
4. Full screen mode in which we can check if our TX is working and if its sending data all the time or in packs/bundles.
5. Calibration menu - not mentioned in the video review - if we have some professional equipement we can recalibrate our unit (comes calibrated, but still we can do it if we want).

Here you can find a short video comparison of the results with the ImmersionRC Power Meter:
RF Power Meter - Expert RC vs. Immersion - Porównanie wyników. (4 min 11 sec)

More about this device on (written in Russian):

If you would be interested here is Redsonic's ebay shop:

I think that becouse the price is 3 times smaller and the functionality is 2 times bigger, this device is a great alternative for those that need an easy way to check their TX's.
I'm really happy with my unit and hope that Redsonic will not stop and will still update this device in future.
Posted by aerosurfer | Feb 22, 2017 @ 07:43 AM | 8,632 Views
Eachine DVR03 is able to record in 720p @ 30fps!  You can get the camera from BG. It's currently only USD29.99.


...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | Feb 22, 2017 @ 04:46 AM | 10,024 Views
22 feb 2017
the learning curve
there are no failures: when something does not work, you learn that. it is not that you failed. it is 1 thing that does not work. thats all. you are learning! now that you learned it doesnt, try again in a different way. until it works.
in other words: life is a series of attempts to get something. until you do (read comments).
Posted by demondriver | Feb 22, 2017 @ 02:42 AM | 56,099 Views
Build Your own RC Minecraft Bird (5 hr 57 min 10 sec)

Hi DemonDriver Aka Christopher Here & I want to share with you How to build your very own Seagull-Bird from the Video Game Minecraft!
I give you basically the entire build and then the maiden flight at the end.

My Minecraft Seagull is so easy to build ANYONE can build it!

Here are the parts for this Minecraft Seagull:

3-4 20" Inch Long carbon fiber rods.

Lite-weight Cardboard

3-4 large sheet of Depron or equivalent foam

1 30-60AMP ESC speed controller

1 7-11Volt lipo Battery

1 750KV or up to a 2000KV brushless out-runner motor use a motor around 1-2 inch in diameter . . .if it too large it will make your plane too heavy!

3-4 11-20 gram mini servos, you can use heavier "standard" servos buy you must increase the wingspan larger than 48 inches to 96" inches

1-6, 8 or 10, 12 inch prop

No landing gear required . .but 2 1 or 2 inch diameter foam wheels can be used

Plastic hinges and speed connectors

I use a Futaba 7CAP 2.4Mhz Radio and FASST RX for this plane. But use any Radio you want....Continue Reading
Posted by CCxRC | Feb 22, 2017 @ 02:02 AM | 5,693 Views
DHK Hobby Zombie 8e BMX Trails Big Air Bash On 3S (4 min 35 sec)

Check out the DHK Zombie 8e:

Like any basher I get, the real testing is done at the IPSWICH BMX trails and the DHK Zombie took its beating today! The truck handles really well and took quite a beating. It's not as fast as the VKAR Bison, but it is fast enough. I only ran it on 3S, so you could get more speed running it on 4S. Unlike the Bison and JLB 21101, it didn't do backflips on command on 3S, but it's stance and feel is different. This feels more like a monster truck and they handle like the truggies they are. But overall I like it. I was curious how the plastic would hold up and it took some pretty hard landings on one wheel..and I thought for sure there was going to be a broken arm or C-Hub carrier. But it kept running. The only issue I had was the motor slid, but I just had to slide it back in place and tighten the hex screws...the three I had left. Lesson learned. Always check your screws on RTRs before running them. Enjoy!


Here are the specs for anyone interested:
DHK HOBBY 8384 is so appalling and powerful that it is capable of carrying out the 360-degree rotation like that in skateboarding, performing wheelie when advancing, and driving on the muddy roads! Your competitors are sure to be astonished at its outstanding skills!

Main Features:
- The truck has an enormous size - 1:8 full proportional body and super big wheels
- 70km/h high speed...Continue Reading
Posted by mark_q | Feb 22, 2017 @ 01:52 AM | 12,595 Views
Another wing! At 1200mm this one slots in nicely between the Wingwing Z84 and the Zeta FX-61. It is a great small flyer easily thrown into the car or onto a backpack and at 895g AUW seems like it will glide forever!

Here is more information on my build-

C1 Chaser Build Wiki

Posted by Alwaysfly3d | Feb 22, 2017 @ 01:48 AM | 2,497 Views
I'm looking for a cowl for the 35% Extra 300.
Posted by Neilius | Feb 22, 2017 @ 01:44 AM | 4,392 Views
Posted by billhove2 | Feb 22, 2017 @ 01:37 AM | 6,872 Views
Glide Test

VID 20170221 2227401 (0 min 16 sec)

Posted by sudalaimuthu | Feb 22, 2017 @ 01:08 AM | 2,419 Views
can any one suggest me materials that can withstand helium gas and also it should have 70 to 100 grams per square metre
Posted by old4570 | Feb 21, 2017 @ 11:37 PM | 4,533 Views
Dollar fifty Lipo voltage monitor / alarm (1 min 55 sec)

I got my other Voltage monitor alarm ..
This one was $1.50
Lets put that in perspective , a Snikers Bar costs $2 retail over here ! So for less than the cost of a Snikers bar !

Why would you want this ? ( Why not ? )
If you were say into electric boats , why would you not have a voltage alarm set so you had plenty of time to bring the boat back to shore ..
Who the parking lot wants to swim out (?) 30 meters to retrieve a boat with a flat battery ( No people actually do that )
Another form of RC where it could save you $$ and some grief is if you flew Helicopters or quads ..

Anyhow ...

I like this one , it's loud enough to be annoying
Very easy to use
( with the monitor facing you / pins at the bottom plug in you balance cord negative to the far left pin )
Has a decent button to set the voltage level for the alarm
Monitors each cell independently
First cell to reach set voltage sets off the alarm
The price , $1.50 ... Seriously !

Not so great is
The plastic sleeve the monitor has ( its a dirt magnet - especially with a buggy )
LCD , hard if not impossible to see in bright light ( are not all )
Struth ! @ $1.50
Posted by Parkflyerpodcast | Feb 21, 2017 @ 11:03 PM | 3,346 Views
Michael and Jay attend the AZ Electric Festival.  With mixed weather and winds the flying was kept to a minimum but a good time was had by all.

- In this episode Shannon Gallagher explains what it takes to get this event off the ground and into the air.

- Tony Accurso with Motion RC gives up the goods on flying the soon to be released Freewing A-10 and lets us in on some upcoming aircraft soon to be released.  

- Seth Arnold with Flex innovations talks about their new Mamba 10 and Cessna 170.

Although the winds were crazy and rain was in the forecast there was still a great turnout and lots of good flying.  Stay tuned for part two of our show from the AZ Electric Festival
2:25 – Interview with Contest Director Shannon Gallagher
14:15 – Motion RC test pilot Tony Accurso stops by to talk about the new Products from Freewing
43:34 – Flex Innovations Seth Arnold gives us the low down on the Aura 8 and some of their new Aircraft.
49:45 – Wrap up from day 1 at the Arizona Electric Festival.
Posted by ChillPhatCat | Feb 21, 2017 @ 11:00 PM | 10,147 Views
I stalled for a couple months here hemming and hawing about the cabane struts, I'm just not that good at making accurate bends with wire so I decided to do something simpler. I got some streamlined aluminum tube and used that instead, bent in a simple A shape with 4 bolts for each into hard points inside the fuse. This is a sport scale model so I sacrificed a little of the scale appearance by not following there full scale lines. Oh well. Still trying to decide if I need a cross brace between the two struts.

I deviated in the mounting configuration too, I put hard points into the wing to be able to bolt right into the cabanes. Just need a couple more hard points for the flying wires and to finish sheeting the top wing and tree wingtips then it's down to the finish work.

Oh and the interplane struts are kind of a mess, they need some serious re-shaping, but it's a minor issue. Did I mention how much of a pain the top wing of a biplane is to line up? Oof.