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Posted by Pichi_Arg | Sep 06, 2017 @ 12:14 PM | 8,384 Views
Hello everybody!
I want to introduce my own design of the Ia-58 "Pucará".
This scale represent the version of the plane that fighted in the Islas Malvinas war (if you want, Falklands war).
In this version, the plane was powered with a turbofan "Turbomeca Astazou XVI-G."
My design is based in the original 3 view plans and I try to respect all the proportion of the plane.
I´m a glow engines lover and, of course, the design is glow engine powered, but, if you´re a Tesla lover, the plane can to be electric converted easily.

My glow version is for a two glow .32ci engines, ASP .32ci fit perfectly and have a lot of power (like a .40ci) and the sound is celestial.

Started with a 3D design, then I passed all the parts to 2D and cutted with my endmill CNC.
Then, assembled one based on 3D designs.
Once finished, I have flown a few times trying to polish their flaws.
Then, I made the changes in the plans ...and these are the plans...

September, 4;
I cutted all plywood pieces (95% of the pieces are made in plywood).
I will start to mount the wing.

September, 9;
Today I started the wing assembly.
I explain in each photo the work done.

September, 10;
...I continue with the wing assembly...

September, 11;
Sheeting the central section of the wing.

September, 22;
Still working in the wing.
A little video of the flaps mechanism, the servo is a digital low profile JX4409MG :

Flap mechanism (0 min 29 sec)

November, 23;
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