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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 10, 2012 @ 01:40 PM | 5,467 Views
Well, it sure got mighty humid and hot sooner than later, however, that did not stop anyone from RC Flying including myself!

I brought the old Airfield / FMS Bf-109 and the E-Flite Hawker Hurricane 25e and they both flew spectacular!

I flew the Bf-109 for a total of 3 flights and the E-Flite Hawker Hurricane for 2 flights. The Bf-109 sure has a torque roll to the left due to it's large 15 inch 3-Bladed propeller so, you really have to be ready when she lifts off ! The Hawker Hurricane 25e by E-Flite has no such characteristics what-so-ever!

I believe David Hart would recall that the last time I flew the Airfield / FMS Bf-109 was at the Tampa Electric Fun Fly late last year and it crashed because I inadvertently selected the WRONG switch for Main Gear Retraction, I instead selected the Trainer / Bind button and the model was just too close to the ground and did not recover in time. Last Thursday, I finally made the necessary repairs! I will still continue for cosmetic work in the future. My Spektrum DX7 has the Gear Retract switch on the Left and the Generic 2.4G Radio for the Bf-109 is on the Right!

I also flew the old 6-year old Hobby-Zone Super Cub with the Stock Brushed motor in the gearbox and Park Zone Radian. The Park Zone Spitfire did not fly as I was hungry and tired by the time I came to realize that it had not flown.

I met up with the regulars and Jason Roof was there but, not one else from the EDWARDS area.

A few pictures as usual.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Jun 06, 2012 @ 07:45 AM | 6,732 Views
Hello good people!

I am again wanted to update an old Blog Thread discussing my 1992 Toyota Camry XLE (JT Vin Number which equates to Japan Built ).

For the Old Thread Discussion and Introduction please go to:

Fast forward from late last year, the car has over 410,000 miles now and I decided to paint the Camry because it was time and the horizontal surfaces such as the Trunk, Roof (around the Moon Roof) required major work as the Clear Coat had completely flaked off and leaving just the raw paint exposed to constant rain, sun and wind.

It has been a challenge of sorts and lots of patience because the shop I decided to have the work done is family owned and the older gentleman that has owned this shop here in Orlando, Florida has been at the same place for over 23 years. The bump on the road was when he got sick not once but, twice and this caused high degree of stress for all as his shop got completely backed up with work and the pressure to get those cars belonging to rental agencies and other contract work was slightly higher priority. In doing so, I re-negotiated my original work contract to have the entire Camry painted instead of just those areas that needed Paint and Clear coat sealing. Needless to say it has been right at three (3) complete months that my car has been in this shop and I am glad and fortunate to have four (4) cars in the family and three (3) of which I can use here in Orlando.

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