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Posted by Kmot | Feb 08, 2015 @ 03:52 PM | 15,667 Views

I have installed firmware update V1.1 to the Scout and GCS update V1.0.3 to my tablet.

A new feature that I learned about is the ability to connect the GCS to the Scout and then turn on the F12E transmitter and see the video feed from the iLook+ camera. I just tried it and it is very cool. I still have not flown with GCS however.

So I did a flight today using the F12E, after the V1.1 update, in my backyard. Although I have had my Scout since November and have probably 30 (mostly short) flights on it I have never switched to a GPS mode, ever. So in manual mode I noticed not much difference at all. It still wants to wander around my backyard and I still have to constantly be flying it, making control adjustments. I don't consider that a bad thing, just mentioning that nothing seems to have changed there. The props start up evenly, but at a much too high RPM in my opinion. Oh well...

So today I switched into GPS mode for the very first time. I was prepared to immediately switch back out if anything went awry. I have a small area to fly between a house, garage, block walls, and neighbors monster trees. To my delight, it held very well. I would not call it 'rock solid', but certainly it is decent.

I also did some battery checking. Last weekend while flying over water, the Scout almost took a dunk. Because the battery is a 10C, and just does not have enough 'oomph' when needed. I made a rapid circling descent from around 50' and at 20' tried to...Continue Reading