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For those who may remember, when I was building models for the Phoenix Simulator on RickP's thread, I always added a female Pilot.

Here's a more realistic rendering of her. Need to redo the video i did with this setting. will take about a week to render
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Eachine Mini F22 Raptor EPP 260mm Wingspan 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Airplane Trainer Warbird Fixed Wing RTF One Key Aerobatic for Beginner

Even tho i have yet to test the Eachine mini mustang i decided to order this too,very similar apart from the motor is at the back and maybe small enough to fly in my back area.

Brand Name: Eachine
Item Name: Mini F22 Raptor
Version: RTF Gyro (Ready to fly with gyroscope)
Material: EPP
Wingspan: 260 mm (10.24 inches)
Length: 336 mm (14.17 inches)
Motor: 10mm coreless motor
Receiver: 2 in 1 integrated board
Servo: 2g plastic gear *3
Propeller: 2510
Battery: 1S 3.7V 360mAh LiPo
Flight Time: 14mins
Charging Time: 2.5 hours
Flying Weight: 60g
Package Weight: About 750g
Package Size (length x width x height): 37.5 x 12.5 x 29cm

- 2.4G 4CH ready to fly
- 6-axis Stabilizer System
- Fully Assembly
- Perfect for Beginner Practice

English Manual, Click Here

Package included:
1 x Eachine Mini F22 Raptor EPP 260mm Wingspan 2.4G RC Airplane RTF With...Continue Reading
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I received some radios to review. This is the first look video covering three radios in the Detrum line-up along with a handful of receivers, stabilizers, and flight controllers.

First Look - Blitz DT-9, Gavin 6A and 6C, and more... (28 min 46 sec)

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here is one more for the collection of Frankenplanes

AUW 990g ,Wing Span 44" , Propeller MAS 10x8 , Motor BL15 , Battery 3S 40C 2200 mAh

Frankenstein Extra Trojan T 28 Movie (2 min 24 sec)

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This is my unboxing for my new E-flite F-15 Eagle 64mm EDF Jet.

E-flite F-15 Eagle 64mm EDF Jet With AS3X & SAFE Select Unboxing (8 min 2 sec)

Review Notes for this Beginner EDF Jet:

- The paint scheme is nice and colorful
- It comes BNF Basic with very little setup required
- It is a RC Smart Jet thanks to optional SAFE Select
- Flies on popular 4S 2200s. Some say it will fly on smaller packs just fine too.

- You have to glue it
- Poor turning radius
- No rudders
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Better late than never. Thanks to Nagas for pointing this out.

I use to contribute 3D models to the Phoenix thread on here and here's a render of the best of what I produced during that time.

Now that I know I have this will have to add more later.
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Prowler Rover Ardupilot Build

I am in the process of building a Ardupilot based rover on my channel and here I will also post the videos as well as some of the other issues and progress I make on this project.


ServoCity Prowler Rover Chassie
Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2x32 DC Motor Controller
ProfiCNC/Hex Aero Cube Purple Autopilot
ProfiCNC/Hex Aero Herelink FPV RC System
GoPro Hero 7 Camera System
TFmini Plus Range Finder

Prowler Build Video Pt 1

New Prowler ArduRover Build Series - Pt1 Intro (2 min 54 sec)

Prowler Build Video Pt 2

...Continue Reading
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Below is all of my review and how-too videos on the DJI Digital FPV system, I will continue to update this as more are published.

Review Overview

DJI Digital FPV System - Complete Overview & Menu Walk Though (23 min 51 sec)


DJI Digital FPV System Force FCC Mode Hack

DJI Digital FPV System Force FCC Mode Hack (5 min 10 sec)
...Continue Reading
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So I am new to this, so be easy with me. I have a Carbon Z 150 and was given a brand new Hitec camera. I would like to attach it to the airplane. I am just curious from one's that have done it. Where is the best place to mou t it and do I need to do anything special? Thanks in advance
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Ever get the feeling you should put the transmitter down and go sit in the peanut gallery the rest of the day?

How to NOT Fly Your RC Plane (10 min 49 sec)

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Halloa people

obviously OpenTX radio's are very popular because of their "flexibility".. you can make them do all kinds of things I recently heard someone say he had a hard time Feeling the center-position of a slider.. Depends on the radio ofcourse BUT.. You can add audible feedback

How?? In this short how-to I will show you...

OpenTX How-To - Center Alert Sound for sholder-slider / rotary knobs (12 min 57 sec)

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I've had to use this in the past about not receiving an item. It worked for me. An officer from his town contacted me. I sent all emails, private messages, photos and contact info that I was given. I got my item back but not the money order. The item came from a different address. I contacted the officer and gave him the other address.
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After the successful Phoenix CH-53 Stallion models, Rick was looking for the next copter to make and so I suggested the Sikorsky S-97 Raider. While Rick developed the model in Blender, I was working on the flight capabilities in Builder so a great collaboration. It has been a pleasure, thanks for the honour of working with you Rick and of posting the finished models.

Phoenix Models

Three versions are available for download here:

1) Sikorsky Raider Prototype P1 with side mounted gun pod and rockets.

2) Canadian Search and Rescue (SAR) with drop tanks.

3) Indian Air Force Sarang Demonstration Team.

The Sikorsky S-97 Raider is a high-speed scout and attack compound helicopter (main rotors and pusher prop) with a coaxial rotor system under development by Sikorsky Aircraft. Sikorsky planned to offer it for the United States Army's Armed Aerial Scout program, along with other possible uses including civilian applications such as Search and Rescue.

The S-97 made its maiden flight on 22 May 2015 and is a continuation of the experimental coaxial S-69 from the 1970s and the more recent X2 technology demonstrator of 2010. Construction of two prototypes began in October 2012, the first prototype (P1) was revealed in 2014 and has been used for flight testing while the second (P2) is for use as a demonstrator. The S-97 Raider is wholly funded by private investment with Sikorsky providing 75 percent of the costs and 53 principal suppliers providing the rest.

...Continue Reading
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Sopwith Pup Video #2 (5 min 3 sec)

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Swallow 800 (7 min 37 sec)

Rolled out of bed about 5.45am and walked out the door about 6.05am ( Sunday Morning )

So much wind this year .. Sunday morning is the only low wind time in about a week .

Swallow 800 > Mistakes !

I used 4.3g servos , dont bother ! Just use 9g servos .. When you glue the wing ( foam bits ) it is already very close to achieving CG . So when you pile in your hardware , your shifting that CG forward ..
I used some screws on the wing tips to get CG ,

I mentioned in a earlier post that the foam is soft , and the wing is easy to warp .

Flying the Swallow 800 ( NX3 gyro is off )

Needed a lot of trim to counter warping ( mild warp ) , but still !
My CG is as close as I can get to recommended , where the motor mounts to the model .
Ailerons are soft , really soft . You want decent length servo arms ( like with a 9g servo ) for more throw .
Elevator is ok , but that soft wing needs Aileron authority . Especially at the low speeds I was flying at .
I really need more aileron , and maybe I have to pull out those small servos and do a 9g transplant .

This thing is draggy ! The 1306 was @ about 1/3 throttle most of the time and it flew slow .
I think properly set up , this wing would be seriously NOOB friendly .
Being so soft how ever , you probably dont want to crash it . But , it's also relatively cheap . Selling under $20 USD for the kit at the moment .

If I built another ?

Definitely use some 9g servos .
Maybe a larger motor like a 1806 ( Maybe ) and a 5x5x3 prop ( Maybe )
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Halloa peoples

soo maybe you've been wanting to Try the FPV thing, but you're not sure what a good starter package would be..
In this video I'll tell you what IS a nice set, and what isn't.....

THE FPV Starter Kit ? Getting Started in FPV (10 min 1 sec)

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