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Posted by fw190 | Jun 15, 2011 @ 03:39 PM | 15,183 Views
This is my build log on my Lavochkin LA-7 from a David Anderson Plans.

This project started 5 years ago when I first saw the LA-7 in an RCM magazine that David Andersen designer/author wrote a 2 part build series from his own design. I got the plans and did some CAD on it to get parts, but many years went by and had other projects to finish so finally was able to make a fuselage mold to use for my build. I like having a fiberglass fuselage of my airplanes because I always would like to build them again if they get damage, plus it will be much easier than building again from wood.

Here are the sources if someone was to build this warbird.

Plans = Bob Holman
Clear Canopy = Precision Cut Kit
Cowling = Jeff Mikko ( he also as static props, static spinner and plastic canopy frame)
Retracts = Gene Barton or Sierra Giant
Laser wood parts = Bob Holman
Fiberglass fuselage = Vic Catalasan

If you don't like building from a fiberglass fuselage you can get the entire laser cut parts from Bob Holman, he has one for built up and one to be used with the fiberglass version. The wing is the same, there are a few changes when building with a glass fuselage.

I absolutely love this plane because it is not modelled often and in fact I have had the Alfa warbird foamie many years ago and last year I picked up an ESM Lavochkin ARF 80" from VQWarbirds.com. Both models flew well and I am glad this project is underway for a much bigger version and of course will much more impressive.

This is the specification on this LA-7

1/4 Scale design
96" wing span
Power is Zenoah G62-GT80 (from plans) , I will be putting my DA100 engine in the cowl, a DLE 111 will also fit the cowl.
I am using Gene Barton retracts with Robart air support kit.

I am hoping to paint my LA-7 in the same color scheme as my Alfa Foamie, the plane flew by Maj Amet Khan Sultan of the Soviet during WW2
Posted by fw190 | Oct 15, 2009 @ 03:19 PM | 9,735 Views
Hello class and warbird fans!

Anyways this is a very short 'How To' on rib stitching, short because its not very hard to do and takes just a few minutes to make simple scale rib stitching for your fabric covered warbird.

Materials needed
Solartex fabric covering
Pin striping tape or chart tape 1/32nd inch

Hot iron covering
X-acto knife
Metal ruler

The first step is to cut your small piece of Solartex 5"x8", this will be enough for a 1/5 scale control surfaces. Place it upside down (adhesive on top) and place chartpac tape across 3/8 inch parallel to each other.

Place the Solartex right side up and cut very thin strips across the chart tape, use a new blade and use a metal ruler to hold the piece down firmly.

Now place these strips over the rib on your covered control surface with a hot iron.

Cut a long strip of Solartex 1/4 of inch or larger depending on how you want the stitching to look. This strip will cover the thin strips over the ribs.

Thats all folks and now you have a fine looking control surface at less than 1 hour of work.

BTW, you can get pinked edge tape from PinkIt.com, they can sell you pre cut Solartex tape with pinked edge on it. I have tried the Fiskar scissors and those edges are too big for 1/5 scale.

Happy Flying

Posted by fw190 | Oct 06, 2009 @ 03:26 AM | 9,805 Views
This build is about Jerry Bates SBD Dauntless Plans. What a great looking aircraft and should be an easy flyer. 85" wing span weighing in approximately 18-24lbs. I am powering it with a G45, I am sure its not going to need it but I could use the reliability and weight of the motor.

Plans from Jerry Bates 1/5.5 scale
Laser cut parts from Bob Holman
Retracts from Robart #630 90 degree
5" Smooth contour wheels from William Brothers
Balsa sheeting from Balsa USA

This is what I might use for my color scheme.
Posted by fw190 | Sep 22, 2009 @ 06:01 PM | 26,107 Views
I finally got around to finishing my own Bearcat, since I made a glass fuselage a long time ago, built one for a lost friend of mine and never got around to finishing and flying my own.

To view this blog/thread click https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show....php?t=1115600

Designed by Jerry Bates, 80" span and weighs in between 20-24lbs. I am powering it with a Zenoah G62 and using Gene Barton's articulating retracts. Jerry is a great designed and this is the best scaled plans for this aircraft, not to mention its also a great flyer. With a G62 and around 22lbs will make it scoot pretty good!

The second picture is one that my friend ScottDogg build last year. As Mr O' would say, 'Its Phenomenal'.
Posted by fw190 | Jan 12, 2009 @ 04:32 AM | 30,819 Views
This is a Jerry Bates design of a 1/5.6 scale Seafury. I am building a fuselage plug that will be molded. Here is the specs on the flying model.

Click here for the complete thread https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=982654

Plans and accessories - Available from Jerry Bates http://www.jbplans.com
Wing Span 81.25"
Power ST3250 G45, I will be powering with Zenoah G62
Weight 18-24 lbs.
Retracts are from Sierra Giant http://www.sierragiant.com

Comments and suggestions are welcome!
Posted by fw190 | Jan 07, 2009 @ 05:03 PM | 6,736 Views
That's right - no blog, well are we suppose to put something here? for who to see?