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Posted by PaulB | Apr 25, 2013 @ 07:25 AM | 18,561 Views
Just to introduce myself.

Hi, I had not opened ‘my page/ blog/ whatever’ before and when I did I was surprised to see that several of you guys had indeed looked here! In light of this I decided to jot a few things down so that you will know a little more about who I am.

One of the best presents which I ever received was in 1974 when I was given a Coxs Control Line Spitfire for my 14th birthday which I had been drooling over for months. The Spit never really flew due to poor advice from the LHS where the model was purchased (having a birthday in October just before the poor weather set in didn’t help) and my attempts at building other C/L models and getting them flying pretty much failed due to lack of help, my inabilities and cash. However, I was bitten and in 1981 whilst bored on a Saturday afternoon walking around the town in Germany where I was then stationed (British Army) I spotted the Graupner Uhu free flight glider in a toy shop window. Got the model and it all sort of grew from there. As my German was pretty poor at that time (still is, some would say) I ended up teaching my self to fly, learning by crashing, and believe me, I was good at crashing!! Learnt on powered gliders (Amigo 2 with Cox 0.49) and progressed onto slope soaring and thermal gliders. Built a trainer from a free plan and learned to fly I/C. Built lots of planes including a few of my own design and spent my time flying over a farmers field next to where I lived alone or up on the slope where...Continue Reading