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Posted by Keith Kindrick | Nov 26, 2019 @ 12:27 PM | 5,574 Views
As you go through life there are moments in hind sight that define our lives. Meeting Jim Smith in the mid-seventies on the Southern California Soaring Circuit (SC2) was a life changing experience an eighteen year old could have never know. Jim belonged to the Soaring Union of Los Angeles Club (SULA) and was a notable member. My father had ties to that club through the Parzik’s who were the JP Models family (Dart 2 and Javelin) and the most fun guy around Rick Norwood. As the years ticked by the contest traveled all over Southern California while I was in pursuit of the contest wins for the League of Silent Flight. Jim was LSF 1849 and obtained Level 1 on 3/12/76, Level 2 on 2/19/77, Level 3 on 6/21/80, and Level 4 on 7/11/07. SULA always had a strong membership that attended these events. At their Cal State Dominguez field we always had a huge attendance. I was in awe of all the soaring people I saw at these events. Many of them were in the soaring columns or in the news letter sent to my father. Jim was in RCM at one point and that is how I recognized him. My first few attempts at the SULA field were not the best. They had something I had never seen before at my home field called a wave. Jim was the first person to explain how that develops on their field and how to use if for the long duration flights. That changed my techniques on flying in the wind forever.

As the landscape changed due to population expansion in the Los Angeles area his SULA club faced its challenges....Continue Reading