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Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 10, 2017 @ 09:21 AM | 7,068 Views
I am pleased to announce that Steve George has won the 2017 Woody event at CVRC this past weekend. We had weather that would test all of the best composite RES ships and he prevailed with his Atomic woody to win this yearís WOODY class. On Saturday we had north west 10 mile per hour winds most of the morning with a mild wave action. Later in the day weak thermals were present causing you to drift downwind for 5 minutes then travel back up for another one to make the other 5 minutes on the 10 minute flights. To do this with a woody ship is not a small task. What really shined about Steveís effort was the late day (3:45 PM) round for 8 minutes where he flew in the lightest of air. All throughout the flight he kept commenting how well this wing telegraphed the air. Sunday was no different when he flew with a southwest wind at 7 miles per hour with ballast launching down wind. He was able to easily go up wind and seek out the light thermal to make his time and navigate the landings. Congratulations Steve on the WOODY win!
Posted by Keith Kindrick | May 03, 2017 @ 09:01 AM | 6,553 Views
It is nice to see the California guys create a massive DS sailplane. This is an amazing sailplane. I love this state.

The incredible ThunderMaster goes 425mph!! (9 min 35 sec)