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Posted by Keith Kindrick | Dec 23, 2011 @ 02:05 PM | 5,620 Views
Cross country mountain biking in the off season allows me to do something totally different from modeling. Fred Weaver was the guy who hooked me up with this sport when his son Gail worked for Rock Shock. Yesterday I went out for a nice 22 mile ride with my buddy Dave Volpe from work. This past summer we rode together using rode bikes in a small group of guys from Incycle. Nothing is better than doing a 40 mile ride after a work day with a great group of guys. With our weather getting much nicer in early winter we hit the trail in 55 degree weather. No less than 15 stream crossings were encounterd on this ride. Two of them made us look like we were fly fishing with the rest being in and out each side of the trail. Along the way we encountered 9 Deer and one Bobcat. We had hope to see a Brown Bear yet did not. One trail was completely blocked by a tree recently knocked down by the high winds we have seen recentky so we spent time there to drag that tree off trail. Several ladies were on horses as we climbed up through the canopy of Oaks.

After this ride I spent a good 45 minutes cleaning my Santa Cruz Tazmond. That is something sailplanes do not require ; -) One of these days I'd like to ride with my good buddy Mark Browning. I cannot imagine the memories I'd have from that ride....Continue Reading
Posted by Keith Kindrick | Dec 06, 2011 @ 02:56 PM | 5,082 Views
I have been wondering where Joe Nave flies with his local group of guys. He keeps teasing me to have a Man on Man contest over there with him. Could you imagine how hard it would be to get the wife to travel to Hawaii for a glider contest? Mine would be booked with flight and hotels very fast. I bet others would follow! No worries about weather like Arizona has from time to time. How many would enter???