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Posted by Keith Kindrick | Aug 29, 2011 @ 10:16 AM | 4,620 Views
Over the years I have been using a Winch that I bought from Mark Smith which was able to do a 6v, 9v, and 12v power setting. It was the best winch available when it came to setting grass fires due to the variable resistor needed to set the voltages for launching being so low to the ground. For those of us who recall this taking place are really old! My dad converted this winch to 12v over 30 years ago to allow me a good launch platform for many years of flying. Those years finally caught up to it making a major overhaul needed. I’d rather have been flying than working on this project yet it had to be done. All new wiring, paint, and solenoid will keep this iconic winch rolling for years. I love the 300 pound line with 120 yards to the turn around. If that doesn’t wake you up on a tow with a molded wing you are half dead ; -)