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Posted by Jim T. Graham | Aug 10, 2009 @ 10:30 PM | 30,297 Views
RCGroups.com Owner on TV!

So may wife and I were just watching a show on the Discovery Channel called "Is It True?" and half the show featured the feasibility of one wing aircraft landings. They showed a video that was passing itself off as a full scale one wing landing, then they showed Jim Bourke's RC one wing landing from earlier in the year. To test the theory they went to Oregon to visit Jim B. and he created an RC plane with a switch activated detachable wing. The first wing wedged into place and didn't actually detach. But the second attempt worked and JB landed the plane perfectly!

It was sort of mind blowing to see Jim Bourke and the Knife Edge offices on the Discovery channel. I was also excited to see one of the RCGroups foamies in the show that I created for RCG from my old RC company. VERY COOL!!! Congrats to Jim not only for being on national TV but for actually pulling the one wing landing off when the pressure was on!!!

Jim Bourke's blog about the show.

I have found this promo for the show with Jim B. on it:
Is It True? Skunk Ape and One-Wing Landings (0 min 43 sec)

The show:

Is It True

Aug 11, 1:00 am
(60 minutes)

Is it True?
The Skunk Ape & One Wing Landings

Chuck searches the Everglades for the elusive truth behind a series of Internet images of Florida's mysterious Skunk Ape. Then, he takes to the skies to confirm that the online footage of an airplane landing with only one wing is humanly possible....Continue Reading