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Posted by Dora Nine | May 20, 2007 @ 01:07 PM | 9,235 Views
...and looky what I got to see in the airport! While taking these pics, I thought how this would make a great Alfa plane. One can hope! Enjoy!
Posted by Dora Nine | May 02, 2007 @ 03:07 PM | 8,110 Views
Well, today I'm pretty excited to say that despite being away at work on my tug in New Hork Harbor(see below for more pics of work), I am still able to enjoy my hobby. Where as before most of my life comes to stand still when I leave home for work. So far during my two out of three weeks of being away I have been able to get over ten flights in on my Alfa Corsair (also more pics below). The two pics-sadly somewhat blurry were taken by my Captain. If you look carefully in one of the pics you can see my tug and barge. Hopefully in the future, I'll have more and possibly better pics to follow. Thanks for stopping by!