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Posted by FPV.Model | Apr 28, 2019 @ 10:16 PM | 1,748 Views

Color HD OSD, new flight control algorithm, more powerful hardware configuration, comes with GPS and airspeed. This is the new Myflydream Crosshair Autopilot.

Product link: https://fpvmodel.com/collections/fpv...osd_g1416-html

The MFD Crosshair Autopilot has built-in sensors for three-axis gyroscopes, three-axis accelerometers, three-axis electronic compasses, and barometers. This autopilot has an dedicated processor to specifically calculate the attitude of flight control, and another dedicated processor handles the OSD images and flight logic. Based on these hardwares and softwares, this autopilot can be used to enhance the stability of aircraft, and used to control the aircraft so as to make it fly as per the designed route and altitude to realize the purpose of auto flight.

MFD Crosshair Autopilot User Manual - English


Weight: 30 grams
Consumption Current: <[email protected], GPS included.
Input Voltage: 7~26V, Recommend to use 12V
PWM Input: 7 PWM inputs, or 8 PPM inputs, or 16 SBUS inputs
PWM Output: 10
Maximum Rolling Angular Rate: 2000deg/s
Flight Controller Modes: MAN, STB, CIR, ALT, WPT, RTH
Maximum Waypoints: 20~200


1. High resolution color OSD, provides an eye-catching flight interface and graphically shows the flight dynamics. The users can also switch to traditional black and white OSD interface.

2. Built-in color video signal generator, able to display black...Continue Reading