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Posted by Michael Heer | Aug 13, 2012 @ 08:08 AM | 50,628 Views
I have had a little extra time for flying lately and have returned to my first R/C love which is sailplanes. I have a Climax handtoss glider (before discuss launch) and I have added a new receiver and found the battery couldn't hold a charge for very long. I was initially surprised at how hard it was to find the small NiMH and NiCad packs that were so plentiful 15 years ago. I found BatterySpace.com had a pack that would fit my hand toss as well as packs for my larger sailplanes as well. I have ordered them and will post in a couple weeks how well they work out.
I have sent an e-mail to get some info on a Phoenix 60 brushless ESC I got back in 2003 and used to power a brushless motor with an 8-cell NiMH and I want to go to a 3-cell LiPo. I no longer have the paper work so I don't know if it is LiPo compatible. Hopefully Castle can tell me. Castle responded within one working day. Sent me instructions for two possible ESCs and confirmed I could program it for Lipos. As always there service remains fantastic! Took me time to update as I went on vacation.
Posted by Michael Heer | Aug 02, 2012 @ 03:01 PM | 46,019 Views
I spent a few flying sessions with friends from MRCC and got to see Kirk fly his new Pulsar 4E electric sailplane from Esprit Model. I was so impressed that I have done a mini-review of the Pulsar 4E that will go live soon and I will add to it as Kirk becomes more familiar with his Pulsar. Here are some pictures of this lovely sailplane.