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Here is a simple excel spreadsheet I'm using to help mock up and track costs for my FPV builds.

The sheet allows you to enter an item under specific categories and then list how much you paid, and how many of them you bought. Then you can also add if the items are in the plane and how many of them, and a total will be generated telling you how much total you've spent, as well as how much you have invested in the plane which could technically disappear altogether in a worst case scenario.

I plan to add another column for weight once I weigh some items for my own purposes

Also, there are a number of items in the list already... some may work for you so use them, or simply modify the sheet for your setup.
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Sorting out my device placement so far and have the VTx above the pod (to be installed), my Futaba Rx inside the belly hatch with the dual antenna separated in a "V" ish manner through the hatch slits, and the EzOSD GPS on the extension cable on the tail section.

I know I need as much separation between the different frequency specific devices, but I'm wondering if this is enough?

I'll be using an LC filter and plan to twist most cables. I'm striving for clean video and locked GPS!

I'm running:

VTx = 1.3G @ 1000mW
Radio Rx = Futaba R6014HS

Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts on my build.... it's my first of this type.
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Noting crazy yet. Just my first run with the GoPro HD on the A.R.Drone.
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My FPV Start:

Iíve flown RC planes with others and in late 2009 got the most entry of planesÖ the Harbor Freight ďYellow BeeĒÖ 3 Channels, no control surfaces. Itís basically a powered glider for those who donít know (and something I doubt real RC flyers would even consider an RC plane).

Well, after crashing a few (we had some at work) I took the spare parts and modified the original plane to be more stable, and carry a keychain camera. Then after seeing the keychain camera footage my mind began to entertain the idea of FPV (not realizing it has been going on for years now). Still, with no one I knew doing FPV and me not really having a usable plane it was another back burner project...

Until a coworker of mine forwarded me the Trappy NYC FPV video on December 5th, 2010.

In all honestly, thatís the video that sparked my interest into this amazing hobby... and there are so many more by a bunch of pilots.

From there I found RCGroups and the many talented, experienced folks who frequent the forums. I also began to learn about the communityís feelings on FPV flying, concerns, opinions and general politics. Some was fun, some was not, and in the end, RCG is just like most forums. I like hearing both sides, donít like childish fighting (some sarcasm is fun), and seem to fall somewhere in the middle of most extremes posts.

Initially I had the same challenges figuring out what everyone was talking about and doing my homework, you know, general newb stuff.

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